Sustainable Caltrans

Continually Improve Department Enterprise Practices Using Sustainability Roadmap

The Sustainability Roadmap 2018-2019 is a two-year progress report and action plan for state agencies to implement sustainable practices related to Executive Orders B-16-12, B-18-12, and B-30-15. The Roadmap covers five key sustainability topics that relate to reducing the environmental footprint of our building facilities and day-to-day enterprise operations:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Green operations
  • Zero-emission vehicles (focusing on Department fleet and workplace charging for employees)
  • Climate adaptation

Progress Towards Sustainability Goals

Caltrans has made significant progress in reducing our footprint in the following areas:

  • Reducing Caltrans energy usage by 28 percent in 2016 compared to the baseline year surpassing the 20 percent target required by Executive Order B-18-12 and saving Caltrans approximately $23 million
  • Reducing facility water use by 38 percent in 2016 compared to 2010; the number is even higher (42 percent) when compared to data from 2013
  • Decreasing highway water usage by 67 percent in 2016 compared to 2010
  • Surpassing targets for replacing fleet vehicles with zero-emission vehicles under DGS Management Memo 16-07 (PDF)
  • Installing LEDs in all Caltrans maintenance stations
  • Completing construction on Caltrans first Zero Net Energy pilot building
  • Achieving LEED certified status at Caltrans Headquarters (Silver), District 1 Office (certified LEED), and District 4 Office (Gold)

The 2018-19 Roadmap also makes commitments for further progress in each area. The Sustainability Program is partnering with groups across the Department to implement these commitments.