About Us

The Sustainability Office was established to apply sustainability principles in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of California’s integrated multimodal transportation system. Our team functions as the hub for the Department’s sustainability initiatives. By guiding collaboration across the Department, the Office aligns sustainable mobility goals, initiatives, targets, and activities between the Director’s Office, Headquarter Divisions, and the 12 Caltrans Districts.  

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Meet the Sustainability Team

Sustainable Transportation

Caltrans aims to provide a safe and equitable state transportation network that serves all Californians and does not exacerbate climate change impacts.

The Sustainability Office leads the Department's commitments to people and the planet by:

Championing Walking, Biking, and Transit

Advancing Zero-Emission Vehicles

Rethinking How We Build So Californians Can Drive Less

Sustainable Operations and Facilities

To complement efforts to deliver a brighter future for all through a world-class transportation network, Caltrans also works to incorporate and implement sustainability practices into our day-to-day operations. The Sustainability Roadmap has guided Caltrans' sustainability commitments and actions related to the operations and maintenance of statewide buildings and facilities, employee transportation, and project administration.

To learn more about the Sustainability Office's work to support Department-wide sustainable operations and facilities, visit Caltrans Sustainable Operations and Facilities