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Champion Biking, Walking and Transit

Caltrans aims to triple bicycling, double walking, and double transit usage by 2020 through changes to the State Highway System and collaboration with local and regional partners.


Prepare for Climate Change and Extreme Weather

While Caltrans works to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation system, we are strengthening our efforts to implement adaptation measures that improve the State Highway System’s resilience to climate and severe weather impacts.


Staff Contacts

Sustainability at Caltrans

Caltrans districts implement sustainability strategies through Caltrans projects and improvements to our everyday operations.

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Reduction and Mitigation

Caltrans is committed to providing access to destinations while reducing VMT through transportation and land use projects. 

Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV)

By increasing the number of ZEVs in our fleet and building charging infrastructure to support widespread adoption of ZEVs, Caltrans plays a critical role in reaching our statewide air quality and climate goals.