CA MUTCD HQ Parts Owners

Last updated on 8/9/23.
Part 1: General Johnny Bhullar
Janelle Halog
Part 2: Signs
Kevin Murai
All Speed Management Topics
Pauline Wong
Chapter 2J: Specific Service Signs
Chapter 2K: Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs
Kevin Murai
Part 3: Markings  Florencia Allenger
Part 4: Highway Traffic Signals

Michael Robinson
Omar Mendoza

Part 5: Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads
(Not on State Highway System)
CA Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC)
Johnny Bhullar
Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control Florencia Allenger
Part 7: Traffic Control for School Areas Jessica Downing
Florencia Allenger
Part 8: Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings Jim Esparza (CPUC)
Kevin Schumacher (CPUC)
Chi Cheung To (CPUC)
Part 9: Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities Jessica Downing
Florencia Allenger