Full Final Report

California Road Charge Pilot Program Final Report 2017 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Chapter Sections

I. Executive Summary

Preparing for The California Road Charge Pilot Program
California Road Charge Pilot Program Observations
Next Steps

II. Introduction and Backing on Road Charging in California

Senate Bill 1077: Legislative Authorization of Road Charge Study
Pre Senate Bill 1077
RUC West: An Introduction to Road Charging
California’s Visit to Oregon: Doing the Homework
California Transportation Infrastructure Priorities: Commencing Exploration
Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

III. Policy Development for the Road Charge Pilot Program Design

The California Legislature: Directives on Road Charge Policy Development
Technical Advisory Committee: Reflecting Policy Priorities through Pilot Design

IV. Pilot Design and Preparation

Public Input and Involvement in Pilot Design and Preparations
Volunteer Recruitment
Establishing a Per-mile Rate for the Pilot
Securing Road Charge Technology and Services
Ensuring Choices: Mileage Reporting Methods
System Development and Pre-pilot Testing
Privacy Protections in the Design and Preparation of the Pilot
Data Security in the Design and Preparation of the Pilot

V. Road Charge Pilot Operations

Participant Enrollment
Participant Communications
Additional Live Pilot Operations 
Data Collection Systems and Oversight

VI. Pilot Results and Observations

Mileage and Revenue Summary
Participant Perceptions

VII. Key Issues for a Road Charge in California

Privacy Protection
Data Security
Jurisdictional Issues
Compliance and Enforcement
Potential for Additional Driver Services
Cost Effectiveness
Use of Revenues
Participant Acceptance
Implementation Issues
Policy Issues Raised by the TAC

VIII. Next Steps for Road Charge

Pay-At-The-Pump Technology
Road Charge Collection
In-Vehicle Telematics
Technology Collaborative
Organization Design
Potential Transition Options

IX. Conclusion


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