Environmental Impact Mitigation Research

Mission Statement

To develop and implement new techniques for forecasting and mitigating environmental impacts from transportation projects and to bring the benefits of other environmental research efforts to Caltrans personnel.

Contact Information

Simon Bisrat
(916) 227-2612


Biotic Impact

  • Identify Rare Species
  • Wildlife Crossing/Habitat Connectivity
  • Landscape Genetics

Abiotic Impact

  • Air and Noise Impact
  • Stormwater Management
  • Hydrology and Geomorphology

Climate Change Research

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gasses
  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
  • Adaptation to Climate Change

Road Attributes Research

  • Road and Traffic Safety
  • Road Surfaces
  • Engineering Structures

Geospatial Data Research

  • Geospatial Mapping

Environmental Impact Mitigation Research Themes

Current Research Projects

Current Pooled-Fund Projects