Office of Innovation

In the Office of Innovation, we are in the business of inspiring innovative thinking while adding value throughout Caltrans. We take a collaborative approach to connecting inventive solutions to business processes, programs, and services throughout the organization, while managing Caltrans intellectual assets.

What We Do

We seek creative solutions, encourage continuous improvement, facilitate efficiencies, advance innovations, and manage intellectual assets. Our team is committed to facilitating transformative improvements while fostering an innovative mindset throughout Caltrans. This includes:

  • Improving productivity, service, and quality
  • Advancing innovations into implemented solutions
  • Promoting a culture of innovation
  • Managing Caltrans intellectual assets


Innovative Business Solutions

We leverage Value Analysis and Lean-6 Sigma tools to increase performance and efficiencies through all levels of the organization

Troy Tusup

  • Lean-6 Sigma (L6S) – focuses on improving quality and efficiencies while reducing defects and waste
  • Value Analysis (VA) – concentrates on improving the value of a project, process, or product

Innovation Station Program

We tap ingenuity, knowledge, and experience through collaboration using Innovation Station to capture innovations and efficiencies and to get from good ideas to implemented solutions.

Tiffany McCallister, Process Improvement Manager

Accelerating Innovations Program

We identify and foster rapid deployment of proven transportation innovations in California through State Transportation Innovation Council and Every Day Counts.

Linda Jones, Program Specialist

  • Every Day Counts (EDC) - identifies and rapidly deploys proven but underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability
  • State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) - accelerates the rapid deployment of transportation innovations in California.

Intellectual Property Management Program

We identify, manage, and optimize the value of Caltrans intellectual property assets.

Linda Jones, Program Manager