Highway System Engineering Products Data is in the Office of Highway System Information and Performance

We provide information to State and Federal Legislators necessary to ensure the connectivity, integrity, continuity, and functionality of the highway system and of the California Road System (CRS). We provide data to the Governor's office, the State Legislators, and the Federal Highway Administration in order to secure transportation funding for California's highways.

Our Work

We collect, research, record, organize, and publish data on highways and highway systems, the strategic highway network (STRAHNET), and the National Highway System (NHS). We publish the California Road System (CRS) maps of roads eligible for federal funding and we publish the route descriptions and route numbering for state highways. We publish many products., both on the website and in hard copy form. In addition, we perform special studies, analyses, and reports as requested by the Governor's office, State Legislature, or others.

We Stand Behind Our Data

Accurate, complete, and reliable information is provided to decision makers in the Federal Government, State Legislature, the Governor's office, and to other government agencies. We maintain the connectivity, functionality, integrity, numbering system, and naming of the State Highway System. We assist in meeting Federal funding requirements. We work towards the safe, expeditious, and efficient transportation of goods, services, and the traveling public across, through, and within California. Caltrans improves mobiliy across California using our data!