Rolling Stock Procurement Branch

Program Overview

  • Develops technical specifications for new rail rolling stock.
  • Performs fund management for rail equipment procurement activities including programming, identification of funds, California Transportation Commission allocations, application for Federal grants and coordination with Budgets and Accounting.
  • Develops and executes contracts and agreements for new rail passenger rolling stock acquisition contracts.
  • Manages and administers the rolling stock procurement contracts, including enforcement, design review, production inspection and testing, correspondence and invoice processing and payment.
  • Ensures new rail rolling stock conforms to Federal regulations, contract provisions and service needs.
  • Provides post-delivery contract management functions including vehicle acceptance, deployment, warranty administration, fleet assessments, field modifications and training.
  • Integrates new rail equipment into the existing fleet of Caltrans rail equipment.
  • Provides periodic reports to State and Federal agencies for project status, fund use and job creation.
  • Coordinates with long-range planning functions to determine future rail equipment needs based on ridership increases, new or expanded services and equipment replacement.
  • Executes and manages a task-order-based consultant contract to provide technical and administrative support to the Rail Rolling Stock Procurement and Rail Equipment branches.
  • Provides liaison function to the Federal Railroad Administration, the Next-Generation Equipment Committee and other states for rail rolling stock functions and activities as required.