Rail Equipment Project Support

Program Overview

The Rail Equipment Project Support Branch provides project management support for the development, execution, and management of contracts and agreements for rail passenger locomotive and cars, and related equipment maintenance facilities.

  • Provides support to the Rolling Stock Procurement and Rail Equipment branches in the development, assembly, processing, execution and ongoing management of a wide variety of rail equipment related contracts and agreements.
  • Provides training and support documentation for the staff and management of the Office of Rail Equipment in the areas of contract management, approval of invoices, fund management and tracking, task management and other areas critical to the management and execution of procurement and services.
  • Develop a system of monitoring and assessing the quality of rail equipment contract management, and a means by which problems may be identified and resolved before having a negative impact on the rail equipment program.
  • Assist in the development of long-range planning documents, agreements and plans as related to the ongoing management of the Caltrans fleet of rail equipment.