Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) 2023 Projects

# District Lead Agency: Project Name: Project Type: Project Discription (Short): Total Project Funding
1 01 City of Arcata (Arcata Mad River Transit System) AMRTS Free Fares for summer Operations To allow free or reduced rides on transit to encourage ridership on Arcata & Mad River Transit System $14,000
2 01 Humboldt Transit Authority Reduced Fares and Ticket Vouchers Operations This project will provide free regional monthly passes, and develop and implement a marketing campaign, to raise awareness of public transportation. This will give riders an opportunity to try transit at a reduced fare. $373,111
3 01 Lake Transit Authority Two Zero-Emission Paratransit Vehicles Capital This project provides for the purchase of two zero-emission paratransit vehicles that will be incorporated into LTA's existing fleet. $173,882
4 01 Mendocino Transit Authority Purchase zero-emission electric buses to replace old gas powered buses. Capital MTA is replacing an older gas-powered buses with a zero-emission buses. $237,085
5 01 Redwood Coast Transit Authority Electric Bus Infrastructure Project--Phase 4 Capital This is an augmentation of Phase 3 Infrastructure Project. The complete project includes planning, upgrading power to the site, installing charge stations, test infrastructure with ZEV buses. $70,264
6 02 Plumas County Transportation Commission Plumas Transit System - System-wide Free Fares Operations Plumas Transit System - System-wide Free Fares $53,705
7 02 Redding Area Bus Authority Zero Emission Van Modernization Capital RABA will purchase two electric cut-a-way van for the Demand Response Service. $89,078
8 02 Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) ShastaConnect Sunday On-Demand Transit Service Expansion Project (Year 4) Operations Expansion of the ShastaConnect Sunday On-Demand Transit service area to include the cities of Anderson and Shasta Lake, additional areas in the city of Redding, and some nearby unincorporated county areas. $234,627
9 02 Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) ShastaConnect Consolidated Transportation Services Agency Service Expansion Project (Year 3) Operations Expansion of rider eligibility for ShastaConnect Monday-Friday CTSA service. $142,358
10 02 County of Siskiyou STAGE Happy Camp Service Operations STAGE will provide the residents of Happy Camp (a small rural underserved community) the opportunity to utilize our bus service to access essential services in city of Yreka twice weekly. $112,167
11 02 Tehama County Transit Agency Board/Transporta tion Commission Shasta Connect - Interregional Transit Route Operations Additional interregional transit route, expanding on the Tri-County Route, expanding existing TRAX services to connect the County of Tehama with Glenn and Butte and now Shasta County. This route expands rural regional connectivity to benefit the Far-Northern region. $263,579
12 02 Trinity County Department of Transportation - Trinity Transit Trinity Transit Zero-Emission Bus Capital Purchase a zero-emission bus to replace a current gasoline bus to meet state regulations, create a more sustainable transportation system and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions impact. $40,617
13 03 ASUCD-Unitrans Unitrans Electric Bus Purchase Capital Purchase four electric propulsion buses to replace existing fixed route transit buses that have surpassed their useful lives. $209,169
14 03 Butte County Association of Governments Zero-emission bus implementation Capital BCAG is continuing its commitment to converting its fleet to zero-emission vehicles and will utilize LCTOP funds to purchase a zero-emission bus and charging infrastructure. $522,292
15 03 City of Roseville Commuter Bus Electrification Infrastructure Capital The project will construct the Roseville zero emission charging depot located at the Hilltop Circle corporation yard. The project includes 30 bus stalls; 9 bus stalls will be electrified and 21 bus stalls will be readied for future electrification. The project also includes 70 general (non-transit) parking spaces; 10 general spaces will be electrified and 60 will be readied for future electrification. $264,488
16 03 City of Roseville Roseville Galleria Electric Charging Infrastructure Project Capital The project consists of the purchase and installation of overhead electric charging infrastructure at the Roseville Galleria to support the battery- electric charging needs associated with South Placer Transit operations $262,203
17 03 City of Roseville Zero Emissions Bus Replacement Project Capital The project consists of the purchase of seven (7) zero-emission, battery electric bus vehicles to replace Roseville Transit's existing diesel buses. $364,790
18 03 Colusa County Transit Agency Free Fares for City and County residents of Colusa Operations Project will allow CCTA to offer free fares to the general public throughout the year to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $55,907
19 03 El Dorado County Transit Authority (El Dorado Transit) Zero Emission Vehicles and Charging or Fueling Infrastructure for Local Fixed Route (Year 3 of 4) Capital El Dorado Transit will purchase up to two zero-emission buses and install charging or hydrogen equipment/infrastructure to replace existing diesel vehicles for Local Fixed Route services. $380,959
20 03 El Dorado County Transit Authority (El Dorado Transit) Reduced and Free Fares Operations El Dorado Transit will provide discounted monthly passes and a daily max for all Local Fixed Route services; and/or free transportation on Commuter services for eligible CSUS and Folsom Lake College Students. $75,000
21 03 Glenn Transit Service Zero-Emission Vehicle Purchase Capital Purchase of an electric bus, van, or similar large capacity vehicle that will support transit services, and meet the zero-emission requirement for transit agencies. $72,581
22 03 County of Nevada Transit Services Division Nevada County Connects Low-Income Pass Fare Subsidy Program Operations Fare subsidy program designed to support and enhance mobility options for low-income persons, as defined by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, within the Nevada County Connects service area. The subsidy would be offered to persons who are referred through a partner agency and who have an annual income of 138-200 % of FPL. $138,749
23 03 Placer County Transportation Planning Agency Phase 1 Zero Emission Bus Infrustructure Project Capital Electric bus charging stations, and all related charging station improvements at the Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (TART) yard. $280,072
24 03 Sacramento Regional Transit District Expanded Route 11 Service Operations On September 8, 2019 Sacramento Regional Transit Distict (SacRT) implemented new SacRT Forward service improvements which included increasing Route 11 days of operation, frequency during both midday and peak hour and extending the route south from downtown to City College Light Rail Station. $657,938
25 03 Sacramento Regional Transit District Expanded Route 13 Service Operations On September 8, 2019 Sacramento Regional Transit Distict (SacRT) implement is new SacRT Forward service improvements which included increasing Route 13 days of operation, frequency and service area extending north and west in to Natomas. $731,340
26 03 Sacramento Regional Transit District Expanded Route 68 Service Operations On September 8, 2019 Sacramento Regional Transit Distict (SacRT) implemented new SacRT Forward service improvements which included increasing Route 68 frequency during pm peak and on Saturday to 30 minutes and route improvements to connect to major trip generators. $1,010,722
27 03 Sacramento Regional Transit District Smart Ride Microtransit Operations Funds operation of Smart Ride on-demand microtransit service in three communities, providing corner-to-corner on-demand shared-ride transportation Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm, with reservations made by phone or the Smart Ride app, fleet comprised of seven CNG-powered 27-foot cutaway buses operated and maintained by SacRT, and standard SacRT fare in effect. $1,637,343
28 03 Sacramento Regional Transit District Blue Line Light Rail Station Conversions Capital Convert up to 4 light rail stations to low-floor platforms on the SacRT Blue Line. In order for low-floor light rail vehicles to be accessible, light rail stations platform must be at least eight inches above the top of rail. This allows the ramp to deploy from the vehicle to the station platform with the proper slope for passengers to board. $1,347,811
29 03 Town of Truckee Truckee TART Regional Night Service Operations Provide employee and general public transit service between Truckee in eastern Nevada County, eastern Placer County, and Northstar Resort. Connect passengers to Placer County Regional TART at the resort for transportation to the North Lake Tahoe area. $121,449
30 03 Yolo Transportation District Yolobus Zero-Emission Battery Electric Bus Procurement (Year 1 of 4) Capital Procurement of two battery electric zero emission buses with charging infrastructure $462,838
31 03 Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority Next Generation Transit Facility Capital Purchase and install charges, electrical infrastructure and maintenance equipment to enable the the new facility to house, repair and fuel a zero emission bus fleet. $300,000
32 03 Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority Targeted Fare Subsidies Operations Funds will be used to reduce the price of a general public urban and rural monthly pass from $30 to $10 and a discounted monthly pass from $15 to $5. $168,001
33 04 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) AC Transit Tempo Service Operating Assistance Operations The AC Transit Tempo service offers bus transit service in the 9.5 mile corridor between San Leandro Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station and downtown Oakland. The Tempo service is the District's new bus rapid transit (BRT) service. The riders in the community are experiencing frequent, reliable and smoother transit rides. $6,551,410
34 04 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) MacDonald Avenue Transit Signal Priority (TSP) - Phase 1 Capital This project will install transit signal priority (TSP) equipment along MacDonald Avenue in Richmond including traffic signal upgrades, signal communication and signal timing coordination. In addition, bus stops along the corridor will be improved through relocation, consolidation, installation of bus bulbs/islands and other improvements. $1,262,566
35 04 San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District BART-to-Antioch Operating Funds (Year 5) Operations BART will use $10,266,067M 22-23 LCTOP funds for the operation of BART-to- Antioch Extension. It is a new rail system that connects to BART's Pittsburg/Bay Point station using state-of-the art Diesel Multiple Unit vehicles to Antioch. This is the 5th year utilizing LCTOP funds. $10,266,067
36 04 Central Contra Costa Transit Authority Free Fares for Routes Serving the Monument Corridor Operations Continue free fares for an additional year on Routes 11, 14,16,311,314 and 316 in the Monument Corridor. These routes serve AB 1550 communities in Concord in one of our lowest income regions in our service area, as well as Disadvantaged communities in Martinez. $868,112
37 04 Central Contra Costa Transit Authority Martinez Amtrak to BART VI Operations Service from Amtrak to BART, connecting regional rail and job centers within our DAC $611,179
38 04 City of Fairfield 637 Capital The City of Fairfield will use LCTOP monies to fund the construction required to complete an upgrade of the electrical infrastructure at the City-owned Corporation Yard. Phase I of this upgrade will provide the necessary electrical infrastructure required to begin accommodating zero-emission electric buses. $452,262
39 04 City of Petaluma Petaluma Transit Purchase One Zero Emission Replacement Bus Capital This project will replace one diesel transit bus, which will have reached the end of its useful life with a zero emission bus in FY24, and also complete the necessary infrastructure upgrades. $168,447
40 04 City of Union City - Union City Transit Union City Flea Microtransit Expansion of Service Operations Union City Transit would expand the service area and service hours to areas currently not served by fixed-route service. The service expansion would overlap with fixed-route service to demonstrate that an hourly fixed- route service may no longer cater to the demands of the modern customer. $214,893
41 04 Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority Hydrogen Fueling Station Capital ECCTA will use LCTOP funding for the purchase of equipment and construction of infrastructure required for the deployment of a hydrogen fueling station. $867,656
42 04 Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District (GGBHTD) MV Del Norte Replacement Project Capital This project will support purchasing a replacement vessel to replace one of the District's four high-speed catamarans with a Tier IV diesel engine powered vessel equipped with diesel particulate filters. $2,588,349
43 04 Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority Atlantis Hydrogen Fueling Station Capital Construct a hydrogen fueling station and related support infrastructure at LAVTA’s Atlantis maintenance facility to accommodate the fueling of zero- emission hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses. $625,776
44 04 Marin County Transit District Installation of solar panels to support EV charging Capital Provide local matching funds for the purchase and installation of solar panels in support of electric vehicles. $809,815
45 04 Metropolitan Transportation Commission Next Generation Clipper Operations Operations Next Generation Clipper Operations covers support of account-based back office operations in preparation for the public launch of Open Payment capability, Clipper START, RTC and enhanced Transfit Fare payment platforms. $6,197,008
46 04 Napa Valley Transportation Authority NVTA Zero Emission Bus Procurement Project Capital FY23 LCTOP funding will be combined with FTA 5339b and TDA to purchase two, zero emission battery electric buses with upgrades and two electric vehicle charging stations. The ZEB's will be for use on routes throughout Napa County. Funding for this bus will go towards the replacement of two gasoline fueled Vine Transit buses that have outlived their useful lives. $389,736
47 04 Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board Ridership Recovery Service Enhancement Operations Continue and maintain enhanced rail service, while supporting alternative transportation services (Operations) $2,442,976
48 04 San Mateo County Transit District 15 Battery/Electric Buses and Charging Infrastructure Capital LCTOP funds are requested to help fund the replacement of 15 diesel buses that have reached the end of their useful life with 15 battery/electric buses, installation of electric charging equipment and construction of the electric charging infrastructure, including an electrical power distribution network and bus charging bay dedicated to BEBs $2,450,146
49 04 Santa Rosa CityBus Electric Bus Purchase #3 Capital Purchase one (1) battery electric powered bus to replace an aging diesel powered bus, to serve routes including the Route 15 located in a state- identified DAC in Southwest Santa Rosa. $507,036
50 04 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Free Muni for Seniors, People with Disabilities, and Youth Operations This program encompasses: 1) Free Muni for Seniors for SF residents ages 65+ with a gross annual family income at or below 100% of Bay Area Median Income; 2) Free Muni for People with Disabilities for SF residents with disabilities with a gross annual family income at or below 100% of Bay Area Median Income; and 3) Free Muni for Youth that are age 18 or younger. $17,501,209
51 04 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Next Generation Transit Lane and Bus Zone Enforcement Pilot Program Capital The SFMTA is applying for $2,544,132 in funding to equip up to 212 articulated buses with next generation camera technology to improve detection of parking violations in transit lanes and at stops on high rideship lines. $2,544,132
52 04 Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART) Restart Transit Operations on SMART (Year 3) Operations This project supports the full restoration of commuter rail services in the SMART system post-pandemic. SMART increased weekday trips from a low of 16 to current levels of 38 between Fiscal Year 2020-21 and Fiscal Year 2022-2023. $520,218
53 04 Solano Transportation Authority Electric Charging Stations for Suisun City Microtransit Services Capital Suisun City and the STA have partnered to construct a Mobility Hub centrally located in downtown Suisun City, providing parking for facilities such as the train station and the downtown harbor. LCTOP funding would be used to install two charging stations at the Mobility hub to be used by the Suisun City Microtransit fleet. $200,000
54 04 Solano County Transit (SolTrans) Inductive Charger for York St extension of Vallejo Transit center Capital This project will upgrade the York Street extension at SolTrans' Vallejo Transit Center (VTC) with an inductive charger for the incoming local fleet of battery-electric buses (BEBs). $570,984
55 04 Sonoma County Transit Purchase One 35-Foot Battery-Electric Bus Capital Purchase of one 35-foot battery-electric bus that will be available for deployment on intercity routes serving the cities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Petaluma. $713,787
56 04 Santa Clara Vaalley Transportation Authority (VTA) Eastridge to BART Regional Connector (EBRC) Project Capital The Eastridge to BART Regional Connector will extend the existing light rail system by 2.4 miles, from Alum Rock Station to Eastridge Transit Center. It will operate on Capitol Expressway and include new stations at Story Road (aerial), and Eastridge Center (at-grade), improving access for low-income communities to connect to regional employment and service centers. $7,426,137
57 04 Santa Clara Vaalley Transportation Authority (VTA) Transit Reliability Improvement and Performance System (TRIPS) Project Capital TRIPS deploys TSP quickly and cost-effectively across the four different types of traffic signal controllers to help reduce traffic delay, improve reliability, provide better transfers, enhance the customer experience, improve access to jobs and services, and optimize intersection efficiency to help meet State and local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals. $2,390,310
58 04 Western Contra Costa Transit Authority (WCCTA) Zero-Emission Bus Purchase Capital WCCTA will purchase up to three hydrogen fuel cell buses to replace existing diesel vehicles for local route service. $304,523
59 05 San Francisco Bay Ferry Water Emergency Transportation Authority Vessel Replacement - MV Mare Island Capital This project will replace the MV Mare Island at the end of its useful life in 2022. The replacement vessel will have a passenger capacity of 320-445 and maintain the size and passenger carrying capacity of the current WETA fleet. The project is required to meet the public waterborne transportation demand. $666,158
60 05 City of Guadalupe Electric van replacement Capital Purchase one van for demand response ADA service $116,476
61 05 Monterey-Salinas Transit District Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Facilities Hydrogen Fueling Facility Retrofits Capital Retrofit MST's main O&M facilities in preparation for installation of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and hydrogen fuel cell buses. $1,396,193
62 05 San Benito County Local Transportation Authority Expansion of Intercounty Service Operations San Benito LTA will operate a 7:10am roundtrip and a 1:15pm roundtrip from Hollister through San Juan Bautista to the Gavilan College campus and Caltrain Station in Gilroy all 254 operational weekdays. Additionally a 7:55am roundtrip will run the 154 regular instructional days of Gavilan College. $163,282
63 05 San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Operating Assistance for South County Routes 27 & 28 Operations South County Route 27 & 28 work in conjunction with each other to provide essential services in Arroyo Grande, Oceano & Grover Beach designed to enhance public transit services in a lower-income community & improve connectivity. Route 28 operates Clockwise on Monday-Sunday. Route 27 operates Counter-clockwise on weekdays Monday-Friday. Major stops along these two routes include Ramona Garden Park, AG High School, Highway 1 & Walmart shopping center. $436,430
64 05 Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District One 40-Ft. Electric Bus & Charger to Replace One Diesel Bus (Year 2 of 2) Capital SBMTD will combine these funds with the FY 2021-22 allocation towards the purchase of one zero-emission 40-ft. electric bus & charger. This bus will replace one 40-ft. renewable diesel bus that was manufactured in 2004 and is well beyond its useful life. $697,624
65 05 Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (METRO) Santa Cruz METRO’s Youth Ride Free Pilot Program Operations METRO seeks to implement two year countywide Youth Ride Free Pilot Program to allow youth in grades K-12 to ride local METRO service fare free anywhere and anytime METRO operates. Eliminating fares for K-12 youth would encourage transit ridership, expand access to opportunities, and lower the economic burden for those who use transit by economic necessity. $1,243,363
66 05 Santa Barbara County Association of Governments Santa Barbara County Pre paid Fare Pilot Program Operations To provide fare "buy-down" (offering free and/or reduced fares) for fixed route and ADA Paratransit operators serving Northern Santa Barbara County, including for those services provided by Buellton, Guadalupe, Lompoc, Santa Maria, Solvang, the County of Santa Barbara, and the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments. $554,273
67 06 San Luis Obispo Council of Governments San Luis Obispo Region- wide Fare Subsidy Pilot Program Operations Implement a year-long fare-subsidy pilot program in FY 2026-2027 on local and regional fixed route and deviated fixed route services, including monitoring of transit ridership and operating performance to inform the implementation of a permanent fare-subsidy program. $300,000
68 06 The City of Arvin Arvin's Electric Bus Infrastructure Installation Project. Capital The City of Arvin will build a renewable Microgrid to provide energy to power its electric buses. $49,309
69 06 Madera County Transportation Commission Purchase One City of Chowchilla CATX Paratransit Bus Capital The project will result in the procurement of one replacement City of Chowchilla CATX vehicle $42,236
70 06 City of Clovis Battery Electric Bus Purchase Capital Purchase one battery electric bus suitable for use on public fixed routes and/or paratransit services. $80,118
71 06 City of Clovis Bus Stop Improvements Capital Purchase of bus stop improvements for existing and future routes. $260,645
72 06 City of Corcoran Solar Parking Structure with Charging Stations Capital Install solar parking structure at 1099 Otis Avenue, Corcoran, CA 93212. The City's Transit Division the Corcoran Area Transit is located at this address and also provides connectivity to Kings County Area Transit (KART), and AMTRAK. $56,187
73 06 City of Delano Transit System-wide free fare for City of Delano and County residents. Operations Allow free rides to City and County residents of Delano during the year to encourage ridership after Covid-19. $130,679
74 06 City of Fresno Department of Transportation - Fresno Area Express (FAX) Church Avenue Service Expansion - Year 1 Operations FAX will expand transit service in the disadvantaged communities of southeast and southwest Fresno by adding a new route along Church Avenue. This service expansion will increase ridership and accessibility to job and educational centers. This request is for the first year of operating support. $1,555,209
75 06 City of Fresno Department of Transportation - Fresno Area Express (FAX) Fuel Cell Electric Bus Purchase Capital FAX proposes to use LCTOP funds, in addition to federal funds, to purchase zero-emissions fuel cell electric buses. $483,500
76 06 City of McFarland Zero-Emission Vehicle Purchase Capital Purchase of a zero-emission vehicle in order to comply with the state emissions standards for public transit agencies to convert existing transit vehicles to low or no emissions vehicles by 2040. $34,366
77 06 City of Ridgecrest Battery Electric Van Replacement Purchase Capital Replacement of 1 gasoline 29" cutaway bus with 1 battery electric transit passenger van with 8/1 ADA seating. $71,645
78 06 City of Shafter City of Shafter On- Demand Transit Expansion of Saturday Transit Service Operations The project will add one Dial A Ride vehicle in service on Saturdays for six hours per day for one year. Currently the Dial A Ride does not operate on Saturdays. So providing a needed service in this disadvantage community. Performance will be measured based on Saturday ridership. $51,314
79 06 City of Taft Construct Infrastructure Project (Solar Shade Structure) Including Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Transit Buses Capital Install solar shade cover with fast speed electric vehicle charging stations for electric buses $23,311
80 06 City of Visalia Expand and Enhance the V-LINE Shuttle Service (Year 4) Operations The City of Visalia proposes to expand and enhance the V-LINE commuter service. The V-LINE provides transportation services from Visalia to Fresno. $411,201
81 06 City of Wasco Transit Bus Shelter(s) Project Capital Purchase and install three (3) transit bus shelters to provide protection from the elements, increase security and safety by providing lighting, shelter, seating area, and visibility. $103,301
82 06 Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) Installation of a Microgrid Battery storage and Energy management system. Capital Installation of a Microgrid Battery storage and Energy management system to support the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles at the FCRTA maintenance facility. $552,586
83 06 Golden Empire Transit District Free Fare Subsidies for students (K-12) in Bakersfield Operations This project will allow GETD to offer free fares to students throughout the year to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $1,470,425
84 06 Kern Regional Transit Free Fares for Students (K- Higher Education) Operations Kern Transit will offer free fares to students attending elementary school, middle school, high school, and higher education classes such as colleges, universities, and vocational schools. $85,563
85 06 Kern Regional Transit Funding for zero emissions vehicle(s) and associated equipment/infrastructure Capital Kern Transit will be using this funding to purchase zero emission vehicle(s) along with associated equipment/infrastructure. $350,000
86 06 Kings County Area Public Transit Agency Free Fares for Kings County Operations The proposed project will allow KCAPTA to offer free fares to the general public to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $31,923
87 06 Kings County Area Public Transit Agency Reduced Fares for Monthly Passes Operations The proposed project will allow KCAPTA to offer a quarterly pass at a greatly reduced price to the general public to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $300,000
88 06 Madera County Transportation Commission Free and Reduced Fares for Fixed Route and ADA/Paratransit Operations This project will result in the free or reduced passenger fares for the City of Madera Fixed Route System (Madera Metro) and eligible Dial-A-Ride (Children 12 and under) ADA/ Paratransit Service passengers (Seniors 60+, Disabled, and Veterans). $134,487
89 06 Madera County Transportation Commission Madera Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) conversion for Madera Metro Capital This project will include the procurement and installation of the following transit technology enhancements to the Madera Metro Transit System: 1) Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) software; 2) Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) software; 3) Automatic Passenger Counts (APC) software; 4) Infotainment Systems; and 5) On-Board Passenger Wi-Fi. $30,000
90 06 Madera County Transportation Commission Purchase Two Electric MCC Buses Capital This project will result in the procurement of two electric MCC vehicles. $192,484
91 06 Tulare County Regional Transit Agency (TCRTA) Install Zero-Emission Charging Infrastructure Capital Install charging facilities to support zero-emission or low-emission vehicles to support existing and new expanded/enhanced TCRTA service. $878,185
92 07 City of Pasadena Pasadena Purchase of Seven Battery Electric Buses (BEB) and Chargers Capital Purchase of seven battery electric buses and chargers to replace seven gasoline buses for Pasadena Dial-A-Ride $236,755
93 07 Gold Coast Transit District New Service: Route 23 - Ventura Road Route Operations Continue operation of a new bi-directional transit route that will provide transit service on a main arterial road in South Oxnard, Port Hueneme and North Oxnard. This route will provide expedited transit service to an area previously underserved and with limited transit service. $72,142
94 07 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Division 8 Charging Infrastructure and En Route Charging for North San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Capital Purchase and installation of charging infrastructure and associated equipment, and en-route chargers to fully electrify Metro's Division 8 to support the North San Fernando Valley (NSFV) Transit Corridor. $52,157,339
95 07 City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Electrification of Commercial Street Transit Yard Bus Charging Infrastructure Capital Installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure—including the engineering, procurement, and installation of 22 150kW direct current (DC) bus chargers with 44 dispensers—at LADOT Transit's Commercial Street transit operations and maintenance facility. $1,668,293
96 07 Southern California Regional Rail Authority Student Adventure Pass Operations Metrolink will provide free passes to secondary, college and university students. The pilot program will attract new riders and help occasional riders become regular riders, thus reducing roadway VMT, traffic congestion, GHG and pollution. $3,999,537
97 07 Ventura County Transportation Commission Battery Electric Charging Infrastructure Project Capital LCTOP funds will be used for the construction, purchase (equipment acquisition), and installation of battery electric charging infrastructure at the Thousand Oak's Municipal Service Center, City of Ojai Bus Yard, Simi Valley Transit Center, and Camarillo Transit Station (VCTC Intercity and CAT). $890,915
98 07 Ventura County Transportation Commission Free Fare Program Operations The Free Fare Program will continue to allow youth 18 and under and those over 18 enrolled in high school to ride Ventura County transit operators for free as well as implement five free fare days for transit riders on Ventura County transit operators on select days. $1,200,000
99 08 City of Banning Free Fare Promotion Operations A continuation of the FY22 Free Fare Promotion with Banning residents as an added ridership category for inclusion in the promotion. Free fare will be offered for an anticipated 24-month period for seniors, disabled, veterans, students and Banning residents (with valid ID) on all fixed routes. Free fare will also be offered for everyone on predetermined days to encourage the use of public transportation. $100,000
100 08 City of Beaumont Discounted Fare Promotion Operations A discounted fare promotion for the public transportation services provided by the City of Beaumont. Discounted fares will be offered for an anticipated 36 month period to all passengers on all routes. This includes Beaumont's fixed route service, commuter link service and Dial-a-Ride. $323,000
101 08 City of Corona Fare Subsidy Program for City of Corona Transit Service. Operations Provide free fares for students, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Free fares will be for the Corona Cruiser, fixed route service, and the Corona Dial- A-Ride. In addition, provide a reduced fare for the general public on the Corona Cruiser. $779,467
102 08 Morongo Basin Transit Authority (Basin Transit) Bus Stop Improvement Capital This bus stop improvement is located at the Morongo Valley Post Office. This improvement would consist of constructing a 5’ wide, 60’ long bus bay with a 40’ transition, an 8’ x 20’ shelter and loading area, as well as a 6’ wide sidewalk. Currently, there is no bus stop area, although this is a scheduled stop in our riders guide. $137,616
103 08 Morongo Basin Transit Authority (Basin Transit) K-12 Free Fares Operations Provide free fares for students K-12 throughout Morongo Basin $56,034
104 08 Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority Bus Stop Revitalization Capital Bring currently unsuitable bus stops that leave patrons exposed to inclement weather, fatigue, and safety concerns up to standards / full ADA compliance. $104,469
105 08 Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority Student Fare Subsidy Operations Provide free fares for students K-12 throughout Mountain Transit Service Area $30,000
106 08 Omnitrans Omnitrans First and Last Mile Operations First/Last Mile service consists of two route services which enhance bus and rail connectivity. Route 300 operates in Downtown San Bernardino and ensures timed train connections from the San Bernardino Transit Center (SBTC) to downtown. Route 380 connects passengers to and from the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink Station and the Ontario International Airport (ONT). $1,066,277
107 08 Omnitrans Omnitrans Free Student Fares Program Operations Project will allow Omnitrans to offer free fares to K-12 students throughout the year to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $985,000
108 08 Omnitrans Omnitrans Route 83 Operations Route 83 connects the cities of Chino, Ontario, and Upland. The route primarily travels along Euclid Avenue connecting the Chino Transit Center (the southern terminus) to Euclid and Foothill (the northern terminus). $1,837,023
109 08 Omnitrans Omnitrans Route 87 Operations Route 87 connects Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, through Ontario, and a major employment center in the City of . Route 87 enhances mobility by providing connections between San Bernardino and Riverside County. The route operates Monday through Saturday on a 60- minute headway. Weekday span is 4:35 A.M. to 9:46 P.M. and Saturday span is 5:35 A.M. to 8:24 P.M. $578,812
110 08 Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency PVVTA Free and Reduced Fair Ride Program Operations PVVTA will offer free/reduced fare rides to the general public to promote ride sharing and use of the public transit system. $300,000
111 08 Riverside County Transportation Commission Riverside County Free Rail Pass Program Operations The Riverside County Transportation Commission will use LCTOP funds to provide free Metrolink passes to encourage new passenger rail riders within Riverside County. $1,007,009
112 08 Riverside Transit Agency Implementation of Fare Promotions in FY24 Operations The proposed project is to implement various fare promotions throughout fiscal year (FY) 2024 to help increase ridership. Fare promotions will help encourage and promote ridership following decreases from COVID-19 pandemic. $2,700,000
113 08 San Bernardino County Transportation Authority San Bernardino Line Double Tracking - CP Lilac to Sycamore Ave Capital The CP Lilac-Sycamore Avenue Capacity Improvements Project will complete the final design and construction of a 0.7-mile segment of double track on Metrolink’s San Bernardino Line from CP Lilac to just west of Sycamore Avenue. Project improvements include ADA upgrades, a new Rialto Station platform w/pedestrian underpass, and three rail/highway grade crossings. $13,951
114 08 SunLine Transit Agency Haul Pass Program Operations The Haul Pass program will provide students in the Coachella Valley free bus service by using their student identification card as a bus pass $1,300,000
115 08 Victor Valley Transit Authority Fare Media Operations This project provides assistance to non-profit, human and social service agencies that serve persons with disabilities, seniors, and low-income individuals. The project focuses entirely on greater mobility and increased access to clean transportation for DAC residents. $20,000
116 08 Victor Valley Transit Authority Fuel Cell Electric Bus Purchase (Year 3 of 4) Capital Purchase two new 40', Class H zero-emission fuel cell electric bus (FCEB). $1,223,888
117 09 Eastern Sierra Transit Authority Mammoth Express Fixed Route Sunday Expansion (Year 1) Operations The Mammoth Express Fixed Route Sunday Expansion commuter bus provides 2 round trip runs from Bishop to Mammoth on Sunday morning and early Sunday evening. The am route begins at 7:15am and the early evening route begins at 4:15am. $31,888
118 09 Eastern Sierra Transit Authority Mammoth Express Fixed Route Service Expansion 2.0 (Year 4) Operations The Mammoth Express Fixed Route Service Expansion 2.0 commuter bus service provides an additional northbound run from Bishop at 6:45am and an additional south bound run from Mammoth Lakes at 7:05pm $48,640
119 09 Eastern Sierra Transit Authority Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Purchase Capital Purchase an electric vehicle for Dial-a-Ride service in Bishop, CA as a replacement vehicle along with amenities needed for it's operation. $46,584
120 10 AMADOR TRANSIT DAR Pioneer Expansion Project Continuation Operations Continuation of the expansion of Dial-A-Ride service area to Upper Pine Grove to Pioneer, located East of the City of Jackson, CA on State route 88. This Dial-A-Ride expansion from the upcountry area of Pioneer to Pine Grove, Jackson/Sutter Creek has opened much needed transportation options for the transit dependent residents. $102,360
121 10 Calaveras Transit Agency Electric Vehicle Purchase Capital Purchase of one (1) battery-electric vehicle and charging equipment; replacing one (1) internal combustion engine (I.C.E.) bus past its useful life, accommodating Dial-a-Ride services. $111,919
122 10 City of Escalon System-wide free fares on eTrans transit services Operations As an effort to increase ridership, eTrans proposes free fares from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 to rebuild ridership. $2,032
123 10 City of Lodi Free Student Fare Program Operations The Free Student Fare Program provides safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally green transportation options to K-12 students in Lodi's disadvantaged communities. $143,810
124 10 City of Manteca Public Works- Transit Division Zero-Emissions Vehicle and Infrastructure Capital Purchase one zero-emission vehicle and applicable equipment/charging infrastructure to begin the transition to an all-electric fleet. $32,116
125 10 San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission ACE COVID-19 Operational Support Program Operations The ACE COVID-19 Operational Support Program will provide operational funding related to the continued operation of the two (2) restored ACE round trips from Stockton to San Jose that were originally suspended due to COVID-19 Impacts. $622,987
126 10 San Joaquin Regional Transit District BRT Expansion – Midtown Corridor Route 47 (Yr 5) Operations The project will continue to operate a new Bus Rapid Tranit (BRT) route along the Midtown Corridor that will provide service entirely in a disadvantaged and low-income community. This project will provide rapid service, provide access to a variety of destinations, and reduce emissions by implementing zero-emission technology. $1,602,176
127 10 Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority Free Fares Project Operations This project will enable the Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (Authority) to offer free fares to the general public throughout the year to encourage ridership and promote public transportation. $1,425,356
128 10 Transit Joint Powers Authority for Merced County No Fares Left Behind Program Operations The No Fares Left Behind Program in Merced County will provide members of the general public free fares on "The Bus" through the duration of the 2023 fair, all holidays in which buses operate, including free fares to passengers for three (3) months including July, August, and September of calendar year 2023. $350,000
129 10 Transit Joint Powers Authority for Merced County Purchase Replacement Fareboxes Capital Purchase seventeen (17) Fareboxes to replace old ones that have met their useful life. $365,252
130 10 City of Tracy Free Student Fares Operations Free fares for students to encourage ridership on the fixed route system. $75,684
131 10 Tuolumne County Transportation Council General Public Fixed Route and Dial-A-Ride Free and/or Reduced Fares. Operations Free and/or Reduced Fares for Tuolumne County Transit Services for all members of the public. $139,151
132 10 Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System YARTS Free fares on free entrance days to Yosemite National Park and Marketing Operations Yarts will offer free fare vouchers in 2023-2024 on Horsetail Fall days in mid- to late February in addition to following free entrance days. Monday, January 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) Saturday, April 22 (First day of National Park Week) Friday, August 4 (Great American Outdoors Day) Saturday, September 23 (National Public Lands Day) November 11 (Veterans Day) to include YARTS transit advertising. $59,263
133 11 Imperial County Transportation Commission Free Fares Program Operations Free fares for all passengers across all services including IVT Medtrans from July 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024. Program will remove transportation barriers for all passengers, encourage ridership, promote the use of public transit, and should assist with the recovery of public transit post pandemic. It is estimated that the project will provide at least 511,345 free trips $482,113
134 11 North County Transit District Purchase of Zero Emission Hydrogen Replacement Buses. Capital North County Transit District (NCTD) will use LCTOP funds for the purchase of twenty-three (23) replacement hydrogen zero emission buses. $2,900,141
135 11 San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Battery Electric Bus (BEB) Procurement Capital MTS is requesting a rollover of 22-23, 23-24 and 24-25, LCTOP funds to be utilized for a future bus procurement. Funding will be utilized to procure up to 15, 40-foot battery electric buses to replace CNG buses which will have reached their useful life. $8,100,849
136 12 Orange County Transportation Authority Garden Grove Hydrogen Fueling Station Capital OCTA has 10 40-foot Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses and is planning to procure more of these zero emission buses and build a new hydrogen fueling station at Garden Grove Maintenance Facility that would support 50 hydrogen powered buses at 11790 Cardinal Circle, Garden Grove, CA 92843. This project includes construction of the Hydrogen Fueling Station at the Garden Grove Bus Base $9,664,388