Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP)

Program Overview

The Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) is one of several programs that are part of the Transit, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Communities Program established by the California Legislature in 2014 by Senate Bill 862. For more information on the Transit, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Communities Program (and associated programs) please visit California Climate Investments.

California Climate Investments (CCI)

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The LCTOP was created to provide operating and capital assistance for transit agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emission and improve mobility, with a priority on serving disadvantaged communities. Approved projects in LCTOP will support new or expanded bus or rail services, expand intermodal transit facilities, and may include equipment acquisition, fueling, maintenance and other costs to operate those services or facilities, with each project reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For agencies whose service area includes disadvantaged communities, at least 50 percent of the total moneys received shall be expended on projects that will benefit disadvantaged communities. Senate Bill 862 continuously appropriates five percent of the annual auction proceeds in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (Fund) for LCTOP, beginning in 2015-16.

This program will be administered by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in coordination with Air Resource Board (ARB) and the State Controller's Office (SCO). Caltrans is responsible to ensure that the statutory requirements of the program are met in terms of project eligibility, greenhouse reduction, disadvantaged community benefit, and other requirements of the law.

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LCTOP Announcements

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 and resulting conditions, the Due Date for the LCTOP FY 2019-20 Allocation Requests has been extended from Wednesday April 8, 2020, to Friday April 17, 2020.

The State Controller’s Office (SCO) announcement of the FY 2019-20 apportionment for LCTOP

LCTOP FY 2018-19 Awarded Project List

LCTOP Delinquent List (PDF)

Workshop Type/Event When Time Where (Caltrans District)
LCTOP Allocation Request 01/22/2020 10:00-12:00

Butte County Association of Governments
326 Huss Drive, Suite 100, Chico CA 95925
Live Web: www.youtube.com/channel/UCHidik5N5lu0dU8NwhK3hIw

LCTOP Allocation Request 01/29/2020 10:00-12:00

Caltrans District 4
111 Grand Avenue.
Oakland, CA 94612

LCTOP Allocation Request 02/06/2020 10:00-12:00

City of Manteca
220 Moffat BLVD,
Manteca, CA 95336

LCTOP Allocation Request 02/12/2020 10:00-12:00

Kern COG
1401 19th St KERN COG Board Room
Bakersfield, CA

LCTOP Allocation Request 02/20/2020 10:00-12:00

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
1170 West Third St., 1st Floor Board Room
San Bernardino, CA 92410

LCTOP Allocation Request 02/24/2020 10:00-12:00

Caltrans HQ
1120 N Street, Basement Board Room,
Sacramento, CA 95814
Live Web: TBD

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