DRMT Grant Modernization

How to Complete the 2022 Consolidated Application 

If you are applying for funding through 5311/5311(f)/CMAQ, or 5339(a), you must complete the Consolidated Application.  There will be no other call for projects for these programs this year.  The deadline for submission is 2:00p.m. PDT on April 29, 2022. The application window for LCTOP closed on March 25, 2022.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to get started on the Consolidated Application as early as possible by completing the following steps:  

  1. If your agency does not have a BlackCat account, please email grant.modernization@dot.ca.gov to have one created.
  2. Take Advantage of Training Resources Provided by DRMT  BlackCat 
    A variety of resources are available to help applicants complete the Consolidated Application. Log into BlackCat and navigate to Resources > Global Resources > BlackCat Training > ConApp Training Folder 2022 to find written instructions, training videos, and an FAQ that will help guide you through the application process.  Recordings of training sessions held by DRMT staff in March 2022 are also  available to watch on YouTube:     
  3. Attend Virtual Office Hours with DRMT Staff 
    Caltrans staff will also be hosting drop-in virtual office hours over the next two weeks to provide individualized assistance and answer remaining questions from applicants. To attend a session, simply join the meeting by clicking on the appropriate link below. You may attend more than one session if needed:     
  4. Attend an Informational Session at the CALACT Spring Conference

    If you are attending the CALACT 2022 Spring Conference, please join Caltrans and Panther staff for an in-person review of the Consolidated Application process on Thursday, April 21 at 11:30am. More information can be found in the conference program.  

  5. Ensure You Are Completing the Appropriate Application
    Consult the table to ensure that you are completing the appropriate application type and meeting the deadlines established for the Consolidated Application. For your reference, the table below contains active programs, their anticipated due dates, and method of application submission.

  6. Program Type/Event Due Date Consolidated Application
    FTA 5304 N/A No
    FTA 5307 N/A No
    FTA 5394 N/A No
    FTA 5310 N/A No
    FTA 5311 4/29/22 Yes
    FTA 5311f 4/29/22 Yes
    FTA CMAQ 4/29/22 Yes
    FTA 5339(a) State Discretionary 4/29/22 Yes
    FTA 5339(b) N/A No
    FTA 5339(c) N/A No
    LCTOP 3/25/22 Yes
    State of Good Repair N/A No
    Additional Special FTA Programs N/A No
    American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding N/A No

Background on the Consolidated Application

At the 2021 CALACT Autumn Conference, Caltrans announced that it would be updating its transit grant application process in an effort to improve the experience of applying for state and federal funds. 

In October 2021, Caltrans grant staff began developing a consolidated application for its transit grant programs that would allow transit agencies to complete a single application for all funds for which they are eligible. Development of this new application approach, as well as a move to a two-year call for project cycle, will take place in several phases over the next two years, and will streamline both the application and grants management processes, significantly reducing the workload and resources required to access state and federal funding through the following programs:

  • 5311/5311f – FTA Rural Transit & Intercity Bus/CMAQ*
  • 5310 – FTA Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program
  • 5339(a) State Discretionary – FTA Bus and Bus Facilities*
  • LCTOP – Low Carbon Transit Operations Program*
  • TIRCP – Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program
  • SGR – State of Good Repair
    (*=included in Phase 1 of Grant Modernization effort)

In addition, Caltrans is exploring combining grant agreements so that a single agreement contains all details of projects by funding cycle. The system will also allow transit agencies to review and re-program allocated prior year funds where eligible. Caltrans and transit agencies will be better able to plan for complex, longer-term projects and deliver customer-centered technical assistance. Over time, instead of planning for each funding source, transit operators can make more comprehensive investments in their programs.  

Outreach, Development and Implementation

Caltrans will develop its new approach in phases, the first of which is already underway. 

Phase 1: October 2021 – March 2022 (Preliminary Consolidated Application, Stakeholder Engagement)
Phase 2: April 2022 – June 2022 (TBD) 

Preliminary Consolidated Application

Beginning in October 2021, Caltrans grant staff are designing a draft consolidated application (v1) based on the following programs: 
  • 5311 and 5311f – FTA Rural Transit and Intercity Bus/CMAQ
  • 5339(a) State Discretionary – FTA Bus and Bus Facilities  
  • Low Carbon Transportation Operations Program (LCTOP)
  • State of Good Repair (SGR)

Stakeholder Engagement

Caltrans provided several opportunities for transit agencies and partners to participate in the development of this new application approach between January and March 2022. 

Consolidated Application Task Force

DRMT has assembled a task force from among transit grant recipients to review the draft application and provide feedback on the updated grant process. Invitees were selected by DRMT staff in consultation with CALACT and CTA from across the state and are representative of various agency types and sizes. The task force has met several times thus far.  Presentations from the three meetings and a copy of the Task Force Charter are available below: 


In December 2021, Caltrans published a survey designed to collect feedback to help shape the consolidated application. Caltrans staff have reviewed responses and incorporated this feedback into the application development process. Feedback from the survey has been summarized in this document.

News and Updates

Ahead of the release of the consolidated application on March 1, 2022, information relevant to the new application process, as well as key takeaways from meetings of the Consolidated Application Task Force will be shared via email with all current and past grant recipients. If you would like to be included on this email list, or if you have any additional questions about the updated grant application process, please email grant.modernization@dot.ca.gov and include your name and the name of your organization. 
This page will be updated as additional information on the grant application process becomes available.  
If you have additional questions about the updated grant application process, please contact grant.modernization@dot.ca.gov