Homelessness and Encampments

Photo of Caltrans workers at encampmentThe Office of Homelessness and Encampments is part of a collaborative effort across Caltrans to combine programs with the unified purpose of addressing homelessness, while looking for creative sustainable solutions. We are committed to keeping everyone that uses the state highway system safe, including those experiencing homelessness.

We are quilting together local governments, social service providers, other government agencies, educators, researchers, non-governmental organizations, and homelessness experts to provide a cohesive plan to move people off the state Right of Way, connect them to service providers, offer emergency shelter lease property, support encampment resolution grants, create mitigation measures to prevent return encampments, while working to bridge up stream solutions from the Housing and Homelessness Solution Team and Clean California.

It is through funding for these coordinated efforts that we have collectively been able to effect change. Conversations are happening that would not have happened before. Communities are starting to accept that homelessness is a shared responsibility, and they are coming to the table. We are finally connecting the dots that connect people to results.