Workplan Standards Guide

The Workplan Standards Guide for the Delivery of Capital Projects, Release 12.0, September 2018 supersedes all previous releases of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Workplan Standards Guide (WSG). The Workplan Standards Guide (WSG) is updated annually.  WSG Committee consisting of subject matter experts from all HQ-Project Delivery Divisions and various districts, meet once a month throughout the year to discuss, analyze and approve/disapprove change requests submitted by various stakeholders using a web based Issue Management System (IMS). 
HQ-Division of Project Management summarizes and compiles all approved changes throughout the year to update the guide and publish a new release.  Each year the adopted changes are implemented in Standard WBS template in PRSM and Staff Central charge codes.

Workplan Standards Guide (Release 12.0) (PDF)

Table of Contents

Workplan Standards Guide Sections/Phases

Section I WBS Basics

  • Purpose 
  • What is the WBS?  
  • Standard WBS Format 
  • Plan the Work
  • Proper Charging to WBS Tasks
  • WBS Change Control Process
  • Task Template Format
  • Task Management

Section II WBS Dictionary

  • 100 Perform Project Management

Phase K (Project Initiation)

  • 150 Develop Project Initiation Document (PID)

Phase 0 (Project Approval and Environmental Document) 

  • 160 Perform Preliminary Engineering Studies and Draft Project Report
  • 165 Perform Environmental Studies and Prepare Draft Environmental Document
  • 170 Obtain Permits, Licenses, Agreements, and Certifications (PLACs) and Route Adoptions during PA&ED Component
  • 175 Circulate Draft Environmental Document and Select Preferred Project Alternative
  • 180 Prepare and Approve Project Report and Final Environmental Document

Phase 1 (Plans, Specifications and Estimate)

  • 185 Prepare Base Maps and Plan Sheets for PS&E Development
  • 205 Obtain Permits, Licenses, Agreements, and Certifications (PLACs) during PS&E Component
  • 230 Prepare Draft PS&E
  • 235 Mitigate Environmental Impacts and Clean up Hazardous Waste
  • 240 Draft Structures PS&E
  • 250 Final Structures PS&E Package
  • 255 Circulate, Review and Prepare Final District PS&E Package
  • 260 Contract Bid Documents Ready to List
  • 265 Awarded and Approved Construction Contract

 Phase 2 (Right of Way Support)

  • 195 Right of Way Property Management and Excess Land
  • 200 Utility Relocation
  • 220 Perform Right of Way Engineering
  • 225 Obtain Right of Way Interests for Project Right of Way Certification
  • 245 Post Right of Way Certification Work
  • 300 Final Right of Way Engineering

Phase 3 (Construction Support)  

  • 270 Construction Engineering and Contract Administration
  • 275 Construction Engineering and General Contract Administration of Structures Work
  • 280 Administration of Permits, Licenses, Agreements, and Certifications (PLACs) and Environmental Stewardship
  • 285 Change Order Administration
  • 290 Resolve Contract Claims
  • 295 Accept Contract/Prepare Final Construction Estimate and Final Report

Section III WSG Appendices

  • A - List of Changes Matrix
  • B - List of Major Work Elements at Level 4
  • C - List of Major Tasks sorted by Level 5
  • D - Complete List of WBS Showing Proper Timesheet Coding
  • E – Deleted
  • F - WBS Glossary
  • G - Common Acronyms
  • H - Milestones associated with WBS 11.1 Tasks