Contracts Out for Bid

Caltrans encourages Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE), and Certified Small Businesses (SB) and Microbusinesses (MB) participation in all contracts.

The following contracts have been listed with Cal eProcure. For the most current information, please visit Cal eProcure as this list may not be all-inclusive.

Event ID Event Name End Date
02A1895 IFB, Demolition and Clearance in Trinity County 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
02A1897 Boiler and Piping System Replacement Services-Caltrans Alturas Maintenance Station 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
04A5877 IFB 04A5877-Goat Grazing Services within San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties. 02/04/20 - 2:15 PM PST
04A5881 Power Tools and Small Engine Repairs in Alameda County 02/06/20 - 2:15 PM PST
05A2223 IFB- Revenue Agreement: Collection, Hauling, and disposal of scrap metal 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
06A2602 IFB, Landscaping Services 02/11/20 - 2:11 PM PST
07A4853 IFB 07A4853- Remove and replace eleven (11) modified sea trains-storage sheds 01/27/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4865 IFB Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Accessible Door Openers Installation, Los Angeles, CA 02/06/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4872 IFB - Installation of Swing Gate Motor Units, Los Angeles, CA 02/03/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4875 IFB 07A4875, Plumbing, Sanitation, and Irrigation Repair of Tejon Pass-Lebec Safety Roadside Rest Area (SRRA) 02/05/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4890 Trash Services 02/10/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4891 Flooring repair and installation services 02/13/20 - 2:15 PM PST
07A4910 Property Appraisal Services 02/11/20 - 2:15 PM PST
08A3151 IFB 08A3151, Application of Caltrans-owned Wood-Chip Mulch on an On-Call, As Needed Basis in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties 02/10/20 - 2:15 PM PST
08A3162 IFB Replace Air Conditioning Units; On-Call Repair Services, San Bernardino, CA
01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
08A3169 Weed Abatement Multi-Provider 02/04/20 - 2:15 PM PST
09A0785 IFB: Elastomeric Roof Coating System - Bishop, CA 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
10A2150 IFB - On-Call Emergency and Non- Emergency Security Surveillance Maintenance and Repair Services 02/06/20 - 2:15 PM PST
11A3039 IFB 11A3039 Metal Beam Guardrail Repair in San Diego and Imperial Counties 02/12/20 - 2:15 PM PST
12A1829 IFB 12A1829, Bare Highway Equipment Rental 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
12A1836 IFB 12A1836 Induction Loop and Wireless Vehicle Detector Station Installation in Orange County 02/10/20 - 2:15 PM PST
32A0463 IFB Remodel Restrooms, Showers, Locker Rooms and Changing Areas. (Fresno County, CA) 01/29/20 - 2:15 PM PST
32A0465 IFB: Security Gate Operator Installation - Sylmar, CA 01/28/20 - 2:15 PM PST
32A0466 IFB: Main Shop HVAC System Removal and Replacement - Marysville, CA 01/30/20 - 2:15 PM PST
32A0469 IFB - Concrete Riser Installation Services, Ukiah, CA 02/04/20 - 2:15 PM PST
53A0242 53A0242 On-Call Value Analysis Project Study Services 02/11/20 - 3:00 PM PST
56A0637 IFB- Roadway Weather Information System in Districts 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10, and 11
02/04/20 - 2:15 PM PST
74A1182 Request for Proposal (RFP) Number 74A1182, entitled, Equity Study of Interstate 5 Managed Lanes 01/24/20 - 1:00 PM PST
88A0134 Request for Proposal (RFP), 88A0134, Availability and Disparity Study Report 2021 01/31/20 - 1:00 PM PST