Bid Results: Week of September 26, 2021

Effective March 25, 2020, Invitation for Bid (IFB) post bid files will be made available upon request. To request IFB post bid files, contact the Contract Analyst directly. Contact information and contract details can be found on Cal eProcure or by clicking on the contract number listed below.

Date Contract No. Service, Bidder Information, Small Business (SB) Preference, and Bid Amount
10/01/21 02A2041

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services 

  1. Dillard Trucking, Inc. - Byron, CA
    SB: Yes

Bare Equipment Rental in Caltrans District 04

  • Addendum One - IFB extended to 10/07/21
10/01/21 06A2728

Hazardous Material Survey Testing Reports 

  1. Clark Seif Clark, Inc. - Chatsworth, CA
    SB: Yes
10/01/21 06A2738

Courier Services

  1. CFC Network, Inc. - Riverside, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. Courier Solutions - Los Angeles, CA
    SB: Yes
10/01/21 07A5167

Groundwater Pre-Filter and Carbon Filtration Removal and Replacement and Repair Services 

  1. Carbon Activated Corporation - Compton, CA
    SB: Yes
10/01/21 07A5210

Unsheltered Resident Encampment Site Waste Removal and Cleanup Services 

  1. Singh Group, Inc. - San Marcos, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. BF Contracting Engineering - Los Angeles, CA
    SB: Yes
  3. American Integrated Services, Inc. - Wilmington, CA
    SB: No
10/01/21 08A3376

Repair and/or Replace Roll-Up Doors 

  1. South Coast Industrial Door, Inc. - Corona, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. JT Lewis, Inc. dba National Garage Door Co. - Rancho Cordova, CA
    SB: Yes
  3. Singh Group, Inc. - San Marcos, CA
    SB: Yes
10/01/21 11A3316

Tree Pruning and Removal Services 

  1. Anton’s Service, Inc. - Lakeside, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. Singh Group, Inc. - San Marcos, CA
    SB: Yes
  3. Aztec Services, Inc. dba Aztec Arbor Care - Lemon Grove, CA
    SB: Yes
  4. Arbor West Tree Surgeons, Inc. - San Diego, CA
    SB: No
  5. West Coast Arborists, Inc. - Anaheim, CA
    SB: No
10/01/21 11A3321

Silent Intrusion and Fire Alarm Monitoring and Maintenance

  1. Am-Tec Total Security, Inc. - Chino, CA
    SB: Yes
10/01/21 12A1922

Storm Water Pumps and Other Related Plumbing Plant Services 

  1. Downstream Services, Inc. - Escondido, CA
    SB: Yes