Bid Results: Week of August 22, 2021

Effective March 25, 2020, Invitation for Bid (IFB) post bid files will be made available upon request. To request IFB post bid files, contact the Contract Analyst directly. Contact information and contract details can be found on Cal eProcure or by clicking on the contract number listed below.

Date Contract No. Service, Bidder Information, Small Business (SB) Preference, and Bid Amount
08/27/21 01A6133

Trash Collection, Hauling and Disposal Services

  1. Solid Waste of Willits, Inc. - Willits, CA
    SB: No
08/27/21 03A3287

Unsheltered Resident Encampment Hazardous Waste Cleanup and Disposal Services

  1. BF Contracting Engineering - Sacramento, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. Singh Group, Inc. - San Marcos, CA
    SB: Yes
  3. Dillard Trucking, Inc. dba Dillard Environmental Services - Byron, CA
    SB: Yes
  4. American Integrated Services, Inc. - Wilmington, CA
    SB: No
  5. HydrochemPSC - Deer Park, TX
    SB: No
08/27/21 08A3335

Combined Desert Tortoise and Ephemeral Stream Credit Purchase

  1. Deto, Inc. dba The Mojave Desert Tortoise Conservation Bank - Mt. Juliet, TN
    SB: No
  2. WildDesert EM Holdings, LLC - Rocklin, CA
    SB: No
08/27/21 08A3348

Landscaping Services

  1. Lasting Images Landscape - Chino Hills, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. Sanderson Landscape Solutions - Apple Valley, CA
    SB: Yes
  3. Mariposa Landscapes, Inc. - Irwindale, CA
    SB: No
  4. Quality Sprayers, Inc. - Anaheim, CA
    SB: Yes
08/27/21 10A2294

Temporary and Permanent Fencing Installation, Repair and/or Replacement Services

  1. Ranch Fence, Inc. - Mariposa, CA
    SB: Yes
  2. Crusader Fence Company, LLC - Rancho Cordova, CA
    SB: Yes