District 5, 10 Outreach | 03/30/22

A&E On-Call Roadway Design Services in District 5 TEMP LAR ID 06NewD5Des and District 10 TEMP LAR ID 06NewD10Des. There is one RFQ for District 5 and one RFQ for District 10.

Event Date, Time & Location

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Virtual Outreach presented via Webex

Event Host

Louis Tuvera  |  Consultant Services 

For event information contact A&E Customer Service.

Event Details 

The purpose of the event Outreach meeting is to provide information to the Consultant community regarding agenda items listed below. This event also offers attendees an opportunity to network and establish subcontracting and partnering opportunities.

Outreach topics will include:

  • Contract terms
  • Estimated dollar value
  • DBE goals
  • Brief Overview of Required Services and qualification (Please refer to RFQ for details)
  • Projects Locations
  • Type of projects
  • Networking and teaming opportunities between the Primes and Subs
  • DPAC procurement updates
  • Questions and Answer

Post-Event Wrap Up