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New A&E Advertisements

Cal eProcure posted A&E Advertisements:

Event ID Event Name SOQ Due Date
07A4991 Independent Cost Estimate (CMGC) 09/15/20 - 3:00 PM
06A2643 Cultural Resource Services - District 6 09/16/20 - 3:00 PM
03A3120 Program/Project Management Services for Districts 1,2, and 3 09/17/20 - 3:00 PM
12A1860 Roadway Construction Services 09/22/20 - 3:00 PM
12A1861 Roadway Design and Related Project Development and Construction Services 09/30/20 - 3:00 PM
08A3229 On-Call Roadway Design and related Project Development and Construction Support Services for Caltrans, Division of Design, District 8 10/06/20 - 3:00 PM
08A3230 Land Surveying Services 10/09/20 - 3:00 PM
06A2647 On-Call Roadway Design in District 5 10/12/20 - 3:00 PM
59A1115 Materials Engineering and Testing Services for District 59 10/12/20 - 3:00 PM

Upcoming A&E Advertisements

The following A&E Advertisements are planned to be advertised in the next 5 business/working days:

District Type of Work Description of Work, Changes, and Outreach
12 A&E "On-Call" Design and related Project Development and Construction Support Services for projects in Orange County

Service: Replacement

Estimated Amount: $6,880,000

The Consultant shall perform professional and technical services required for Design and related Project Development and Construction Support Services, on an “as-needed” basis to support Caltrans in the development and construction of proposed Caltrans transportation facilities for District 12.

43 Consultation, research, professional and technical services to support the development and implementation of statewide policies

Service: Replacement

Estimated Amount: $6,000,000

Compliance monitoring is an independent quality assurance review of Caltrans field activity and facilities. The consultant shall provide its services Statewide. This contract is being utilized to address mandated requirements as set forth in the Caltrans NPDES permit issued by the State Water Resources Control Board.