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Cal eProcure posted A&E Advertisements:

A&E - on-call Roadway Construction Inspection Services A&E - on-call Roadway Construction Inspection Services
Event ID Event Name SOQ Due Date
03A3318 A&E On-Call Land Surveying Services 10/15/21 - 3:00 PM
A&E HQ Policy, Procedures, Guidance, and Implementation services
10/20/21 - 3:00 PM
A&E On-Call Architectural Building Design and related Construction Support Services
10/21/21 - 3:00 PM

A&E On-Call Structures Design and Project Development and Structure Construction Support Services

10/27/21 - 3:00 PM
A&E Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) and Construction Scheduler related to Project Development and Construction Services for SR-70 Binney Junction
11/02/21 - 3:00 PM

A&E On-Call Roadway Construction Services

11/04/21 - 3:00 PM
07A5236 A&E - on-call Hazardous Waste Site Assessment, Site Investigation and Feasibility Study
11/12/21 3:00 PM

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District Type of Work Description of Work, Changes, and Outreach

Project Specific A&E Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) Scheduler

Service: New

Estimated amount $320,000

WEBEX OUTREACH Held September 27, 2021

The Consultant shall perform consultation, research, and professional services required for ICE and scheduler related project development and construction support services for District in support of CMGC delivery method.