Native American Liaison Branch

The Native American Liaison Branch (NALB) works with other Caltrans Tribal Relations Staff to provide leadership and direction for the Department’s effort to improve the government-to-government relationships with Tribal Governments by serving as liaisons between Caltrans; the 109 Federally-recognized Tribes in California; state, local and regional transportation agencies; and other key stakeholders. NALB helps facilitate compliance with Departmental policy and federal statutes and regulations requiring that Tribal Governments be involved in transportation planning and programming processes.

The NALB develops recommendations and alternative actions in response to Federal and State legislation and regulations, facilitates agreements to implement planning and programming provisions, and may serve as the Department’s ombudsperson on Native American issues.

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Native American Advisory Committee

The branch works with the Caltrans Native American Advisory Committee (NAAC) to improve government-to-government relationships between CA Native American Tribes and Caltrans. The committee provides advice to the Director about matters of interest or concern to the Tribes and their constituents.  For more information about the NAAC, click here.

Transportation Planning and Programming Coordination

Caltrans staff and regional transportation agencies are sometimes uncertain of the governance underlying the need to involve Tribal Governments and/or the appropriate methods of involvement required. NALB serves as a resource in this area to both Caltrans and regional transportation agencies.

NALB participates with federal, state, and regional agencies and with Tribal Governments in the development of guidance for implementing federal and state planning and programming requirements. The branch also develops, oversees, and provides technical and policy-related information and guidance to the Districts, Tribal Governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs), federal and state agencies, and other external groups.

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Native American Advisory Committee (NAAC) Meeting – November 2

The next NAAC Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. For more information, click here

2022 Native American Day

California Native American Day is celebrated every fourth Friday of September. This year marks the 51st Annual Native American Day celebration, and the event will be held on Friday, September 28 at the State Capitol Building. Other Resources