Caltrans Transportation Equity Index (EQI)

Caltrans “acknowledges that communities of color and under-served communities experienced fewer benefits and a greater share of negative impacts associated with our state’s transportation system.” To put our equity commitments into action, the Caltrans Office on Race and Equity (CORE) is leading the development of the Caltrans Transportation Equity Index (EQI). The Caltrans EQI is a screening tool that utilizes multiple transportation-specific and socioeconomic indicators to identify EQI Priority Populations at a Census tract level and assign a relative ranking to Census tracts statewide to assist in identifying EQI Priority Populations.

Once identified, Caltrans intends to explore different methods for targeting transportation investments to EQI Priority Populations based on objectives such as improved safety and accessibility. Additionally, the EQI will assist the Department in developing processes and procedures to not only avoid or address potential inequitable impacts from future transportation investments but also identify pathways for providing direct and meaningful benefits to underserved communities.

The EQI is being developed in collaboration with multiple divisions within Caltrans, and public stakeholders throughout the State.

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The EQI BETA version for public review and comment.

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Contact Information

Amar Cid (she/her)
Program Manager, CORE)
Phone: (916) 508 - 2789