Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is an on-call construction services contract where construction work and performance is determined by issuing Work Orders during a fixed period of time.  In the Invitation for Bid (IFB), contractors competitively bid based on their Adjustment Factors on each item listed in the Fixed Unit Price List; this Stipulated Unit Price will be used to price all Work Orders.  The Department awards the JOC Master Agreement to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  The initial JOC Master Agreement is for 12-months with an option of extending for up to two 12-month periods.  Work Orders are then issued as an individual construction contract, which identify specific location(s) and items of work. 

You may find various documents and information developed by Caltrans to implement JOC on this webpage. These documents and information are subject to modification.

Anticipated JOC Lookahead

The following table was updated on 03/12/2024.



 Approximate   Maximum   Amount   (Millions)

 Anticipated IFB   Advertisement Date

 06JOC20231  Replace PCC Panels with HMA (TYPE A)  $1.562  March 04, 2024   (Advertised)
 01JOC00001  Place Micro-Surfacing  $2.522  March 04, 2024   (Advertised)
 02JOC49604  Replace Asphalt Concrete Surfacing  $0.600  March 11, 2024   (Advertised)
 11JOC23241  Place Micro-Surfacing  $9.224  March 11, 2024   (Advertised)
 11JOC23242  Bridge Preservation  $4.714  March 11, 2024   (Advertised)

JOC Invitation for Bids are posted at

Awarded Projects


Authorizing Legislation

The Department has the authority to utilize JOC delivery method under the following program:

SB146 (2023) authorizes the use of JOC for certain transportation and public works projects including highway maintenance, installation of stormwater pollution control devices, and for facilities, systems and traffic control devices needed to comply with ADA. 

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