Maintenance Manual

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Download Full Maintenance Manual (PDF) (PDF)
Chapter 7 & 8 Traffic Management and Protection of Workers book (PDF)

Chapter Maintenance Manual Chapter
  Record of Revisions - Volume 1 (PDF)
Contents (PDF) Table of Contents
Chapter 1 (PDF) Organization and General Details
Chapter 2 (PDF) Resource Management
Chapter 3 (PDF) Laws
Chapter 4 (PDF) Equipment
Chapter 5 (PDF) Blasting
Chapter 6 (PDF) Sampling and Testing Materials
Chapter 7 (PDF) Traffic Control, Safety and Convenience of Traffic
Chapter 8 (PDF) Protection of Workers
Chapter 9 (PDF) Outdoor Advertising
Chapter 10 (PDF) Maintenance Management
Chapter 11 (PDF) Project Development Process
Chapter 12 (PDF) Bulk Fuel Management
Chapter A (PDF) Flexible Pavement
Chapter B (PDF) Rigid Pavement
Chapter C2 (PDF) Vegetation Control
Chapter C5 (PDF) Drainage Facilities, Fences, and Roadside Appurtenances
Chapter D1 (PDF) Litter, Debris, and Graffiti
Chapter D5 (PDF) Spills of Substances on Highway Rights of Way
Chapter E (PDF) Landscaping
Chapter F (PDF) Maintenance Storm Water Management Program
Chapter G (PDF) Public Facilities
Chapter H (PDF) Bridges
Chapter J1 (PDF) Tunnels, Tubes, Ferries and Pumping Plants
Chapter J2 (PDF) Drawbridge, Tunnel, Tube, and Ferry Operations
Chapter K (PDF) Electrical
Chapter M1 (PDF) Pavement Delineation
Chapter M2 (PDF)
Chapter M3 (PDF)
Traffic Safety Devices
Chapter P (PDF) Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
Chapter R (PDF) Snow/Ice Control
Chapter S (PDF) Storm Damage and Other Major Damage
Chapter U (PDF) Telecommunications
Chapter Y (PDF) Work for Others
Appendix (PDF) Appendix