Local Assistance Hot Topics

Hot Topics is a forum for Deputy District Directors to discuss resourcing, policy and technical issues to help facilitate the implementation of State and Federal programs and delivery of local transportation projects. The meetings are comprised of members the District Executive team, District Local Assistance Engineers, and headquarters Local Assistance management team. Meetings are held monthly.  

This web page contains meeting information of the Hot Topics, such as the roster, schedules, meeting agenda, and meeting minutes. 

Local Assistance Hot Topics Meetings

Meetings in 2023

Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Materials Minutes
 June 28, 2023 Agenda (06/28) Hot Topics (06/28) Minutes (06/28)
April 26, 2023 Agenda (04/26) Hot Topics (04/26) Minutes (04/26)
 February 22, 2023 Agenda (02/22)   Minutes 
 January, 2023 Agenda (01/25)   Minutes

Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Materials Minutes
May 25, 2022 Agenda (05/25) Presentation (05/25) Minutes
June, 2022 Agenda Minutes
July 27, 2022 Agenda Presentation (07/27/2022) Minutes
August 31, 2022 Agenda(08/31) Minutes
September, 2022 Agenda Minutes
October 26, 2022 Agenda(10/26)
Pr1(ATP),Pr2(Federal Programs) Minutes
November 30, 2022 Agenda (11/30) Pr1(LocalProjects),Pr2(LocalProject Oversight)
Pr3(who do what),Pr4(Buy America)
December, 2022 Agenda Compliance Monitoring Minutes