California LTAP Center and Local Assistance Training

The Caltrans Division of Local Assistance offers subsidized training classes for local agencies on the federal-aid process, infrastructure management, worker and work site safety, and workforce development. These classes are offered by Caltrans through the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center and the Cooperative Training Assistance Program (CTAP). These programs are intended to provide resources and subsidized, practical training for transportation professionals in California's cities, counties, and regional transportation agencies. Caltrans currently partners with two universities to provide local agencies with this training.

California's LTAP center, on behalf of Caltrans through Sacramento State's College of Continuing Education, offers classes and resources for local agencies, including detailed training on the federal-aid process. These classes, primarily taught by current and former Caltrans employees, include the Federal Aid Series and Resident Engineers Academy. The LTAP Center also has a loan program for those local agencies in need of a retroreflectometer.

Caltrans and California's LTAP Center also offers subsidized classes for local agencies in infrastructure management, worker and work site safety, and workforce development. Caltrans partners with UC Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies to provide a Tech Transfer program offering technical classes, such as Traffic Engineering and Operations, Traffic Control and Work Zone Safety, Infrastructure Design, Pavement Design and Maintenance, Transportation Planning, Funding and Environment, Project Development, Pedestrian Facility Design, Bicycle Transportation, Complete Streets, and Multimodal Transportation.

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