Allocation/Time Extension Form

Allocation/Time Extension Form (PDF) (Right-click the link and choose "save link/target as" to save the form)

As an effort to consolidate the CTC allocation request forms for local agencies, Caltrans Division of Local Assistance (DLA) developed the "Allocation/Time Extension Form (PDF)". Once the information has been provided in the data form, a Request for Funding Allocation will be generated automatically.

Please Note: This is a dynamic PDF form, i.e. the data fields to be displayed depend on the user's inputs. At a minimum, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is needed in order to complete and save the form. You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free at

This form is for CTC allocation requests for:

STIP - State Transportation Improvement Program
ATP - Active Transportation Program
LPP - Local Partnership Program
SCCP - Solutions for Congested Corridors Program
TCEP-Trade Corridors Enhancement Program
TCIF - Trade Corridor Improvement Fund

This form replaces Exhibits 23-N & 23-O for the STIP program, and replaces Exhibits 22-N & 22-O for the ATP program.

For August and October 2018 CTC meeting, local agencies have an option to use this new dynamic form or the previous allocation request forms. For December 2018 CTC meeting and on, local agencies are required to use the new dynamic form.