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Technical Studies

  • Link to SER
  • SER Forms and Templates
  • Quality Control Guidance for Standard Biological Technical Documents and Reports (PDF)
  • Annotated Outlines--NEPA Only EIS (DOC)
  • Annotated Outlines--NEPA Only EA (DOC)
  • Chapter 38 NEPA Assignment


Environmental training opportunities for local agencies and their consultants can be found on the Caltrans Division of Local Assistance website.

In particular, the free, one-day UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Course II, "Federal Procedural Requirements for Environmental Analysis for Transportation Projects," provides an overview of the Caltrans/FHWA environmental procedures specifically for local agencies.

  • Local Assistance Academy I (in development)
  • Local Assistance Academy II (in development)
  • LP 2000 Training (in development)
  • PES Training (in development)
Other Additional Training:
  • Training on Demand
  • Just-in-Time PES Training during the Field Review
  • One-on-One PES Training at the Local Agency
  • DLAE Responsibilities Through-out the NEPA Process
  • PES Training for new District Local Assistance Environmental staff
* Contact Guadalupe (Lupe) V. Jimenez, (916) 651-6874.



Quarterly Reports

Monitoring requirements in both the 23 USC 326 CE Assignment and 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOUs require Caltrans to report twice a year to FHWA. For 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment, Caltrans must provide the FHWA California Division a report every six months that lists any approvals and decisions Caltrans has made with respect to its responsibilities under part 3 of the MOU. The 23 USC 326 CE Assignment MOU requires Caltrans to provide a list of Categorical Exclusion (CE) determinations that it approves in each fiscal quarter.

FHWA Audits

Under the 23 USC 327 NEPA Assignment MOU, pursuant to MAP-21, FHWA audits are no longer required, however, SAFETEA-LU required that FHWA audit Caltrans' performance under the Pilot Program twice a year for the first two years of the Pilot Program, and once a year thereafter to ensure that Caltrans is meeting federal requirements.

FHWA CE Monitoring Review Report:

SAFETEA-LU requires that FHWA monitor Caltrans' performance under the CE assignment program. Monitoring occurs approximately every 15 months and includes Caltrans District visits with interviews of Caltrans staff and project file reviews.

Quarterly Reports

CE Monitoring Review Report


Name Responsibilities Telephone Numbers E-mail
Kelly Hobbs, Acting Office Chief NEPA Assignment and Environmental Compliance (916) 653-3171 Kelly.Hobbs@dot.ca.gov
Guadalupe (Lupe) V. Jimenez Environmental Policy/Procedures and Website Coordinator (916) 651-6874 Lupe.JIMENEZ@dot.ca.gov
Cathy Stettler Environmental Database and Reporting (805) 542-4744 Cathy.stettler@dot.ca.gov
District Local Assistance Nepa Assignment Coordinators
Gail St. John North Region (Districts. 1, 2, 3) (Quality Control Reviewer) (530) 741-7116 gail.st.john@dot.ca.gov
Haiyan Zhang Districts 4 and 10 (Quality Control Reviewer) (510) 286-5235 Haiyan.zhang@dot.ca.gov
John Whitehouse Central Region (Districts 6 and 9) (Quality Control Reviewer) (559) 445-6310 John.Whitehouse@dot.ca.gov
Haiyan Zhang Districts, 7, 8 and 12 (Quality Control Reviewer) (510) 286-5235 Haiyan.zhang@dot.ca.gov
District Senior Environmental Contacts
Districts DLA Senior Environmental Contacts Telephone Numbers E-mail
1 Brandon Larsen (707) 445-6410 Brandon.Larsen@dot.ca.gov
2 Chris Fazzari (530) 225-3367 Chris.Fazzari@dot.ca.gov
3 Laura Loeffler (530) 741-4592 Laura.Loeffler@dot.ca.gov
4 Thomas Holstein (510) 286-6371 Thomas.Holstein@dot.ca.gov
5 Randell Lavack (805) 549-3182 Randy.Lavack@dot.ca.gov
6 John Whitehouse (559) 445-6310 John.Whitehouse@dot.ca.gov
7 Michael Enwedo (213) 897-3245 Michael.Enwedo@dot.ca.gov
8 Aaron Burton (909) 388-1804 Aaron.Burton@dot.ca.gov
9 Ben Downard (760) 871-6657 Ben.Downard@dot.ca.gov
10 Dominic Vitali (209) 948-7427 Dominic.Vitali@dot.ca.gov
11 Kevin Hovey (619) 688-0240 Hovey.Kevin@dot.ca.gov
12 Charles Baker (949) 724-2252 Charles.Baker@dot.ca.gov

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