General Employment Eligibility FAQs

General Employment Eligibility FAQs

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to be hired by Caltrans?

All new hires are required to complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. Under Federal regulations documented on this form, all State employees must be either

  1. A citizen of the United States,
  2. A noncitizen national of the United States,
  3. A lawful Permanent Resident, or
  4. An alien authorized to work in the United States.

As part of the Form I-9 process, prior to being hired by any state agency, prospective employees need to provide the appropriate documents identified on the List of Acceptable Documents on Page 3 of Form I-9 to establish their identity and Employment Authorization.

Does Caltrans Do Drug Testing or Medical Clearances for Positions?

Most positions with Caltrans do not require a drug test, however, there are some that will. Please see the classification specification listed on the examination bulletin or job posting for more information if the position you are applying for will require a drug test.

Does Caltrans Hire People Convicted of Misdemeanors or Felonies?

Prior conviction of a misdemeanor or felony does not limit your ability to apply or work for Caltrans. This information does not need to be disclosed at any time during the hiring process.