Managerial Selection Process (MSP) Examinations 

Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

Each MSP examination announcement contains evaluation criteria which outline the minimum qualifications for the position. To apply for any of these positions, a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) must be submitted along with the State application. The SOQ is a discussion of how an applicant’s education and experience meet the evaluation criteria below and qualify them for the position. The SOQ serves as documentation of each candidate's ability to present information clearly and concisely in writing. You must include specific examples addressing each of the evaluation criteria listed below. Resumes, letters, and other materials will not be considered as your response to the SOQ.

Applicants must submit a CalHR STD 678: State of California Examination/Employment Application along with a Statement of Qualifications.

A resume will not be accepted in lieu of a Statement of Qualifications.

Current MSP Exams

Caltrans is recruiting for the MSP management positions listed below.

Last updated on July 2, 2020
MSP Assignment Final Filing Date
Classification: Supervising Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Position Title: Chief, Office of Design VII
Division: Central Region Project Development
Location: District 10 - Stockton
Job Control: 206721 (20MSP65)
July 9, 2020
Classification: Supervising Right of Way Agent
Position Title: Supervising Right of Way Agent
Division: Right of Way
Location: District 8 - San Bernardino
Job Control: 204953 (20MSP48)
July 10, 2020 
Classification: Supervising Transportation Planner
Position Title: Sustainability Supervising Planner
Division: Director's Office Sustainability Program 
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento 
Job Control: 205945 (20MSP52 & 20MSP53)
*Please Note: By applying to the job control, you are competing in the examination/recruitment for two vacancies under the same hiring manager in the same work location.
July 10, 2020
Classification: Staff Services Manager III
Position Title: Assistant Deputy Director
Division: Office of Civil Rights
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Job Control: 206780 (20MSP66)
July 16, 2020
Classification: Supervising Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Position Title: Office Chief
Division: Division of Engineering Services
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Job Control: 206718 (20MSP64)
July 17, 2020
Classification: Principal Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Position Title: Deputy Division Chief, Maintenance
Division: Maintenance
Location: Headquarters - Sacramento
Job Control: 207316 (20MSP67)
July 22, 2020