Caltrans Examination Plan Fiscal Year 2019-2020

IMPORTANT: The State of California is acting quickly to protect public health and safety as we respond to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). CALTRANS will be postponing all CALTRANS in-person exams until further notice. We aim to provide the public updated information as it becomes available. We appreciate your patience as work to minimize new introduction of the virus and delay community spread continues.


The updated 2020 Exam Plan can be found at the Caltrans Examination Plan link.


All online examinations can be found on CalCareers. If you have any questions regarding an exam, please reach out to the analyst over the classification. If you do not see the classification you are looking for, please search for the examination via CalCareers


Chidi Akpulonu

(916) 227-7791


Ashlyn Cardoza

(916) 227-6858

MerSades Elder

(916) 227-1193

Darren Gee

(916) 227-7731

Gwen Ling

(916) 227-7841

Leslie Mazzeo

(916) 227-4176

Nicole Nguyen

(916) 227-7851

Ray Nuezca

(916) 227-7848

Brittany Parra

(916) 227-7855

Ehsan Tahir

(916) 227-5967

Assistant Chemical Testing Engineer

Caltrans Electronics Specialist (Repair Lab)
Associate Chemical Testing Engineer Associate Right of Way Agent
Lead Structural Steel Painter Tree Maintenance Leadworker Associate Environmental Planner (Archeology) Caltrans Maintenance Area Superintendent Electrical Engineering Technician II Senior Landscape Architect 
Associate Transportation Planner Caltrans Highway Mechanic Supervisor
Associate Steel Inspector Caltrans Maintenance Supervisor Senior Equipment Materiel Specialist Tree Maintenance Supervisor
Associate Environmental Planner (Architectural History) Toll Collector
Electrical Engineering Technician III  
Building Maintenance Worker Caltrans Landscape Specialist
Automotive Pool Attendant III
Caltrans Regional Administrative Officer     Associate Environmental Planner (Natural Science)   Heavy Equipment Mechanic Apprentice, Caltrans  
Caltrans Electrical Technician Delineator Caltrans Heavy Equipment Mechanic Leadworker
Deckhand Ferryboat     Caltrans Bridge Maintenance Supervisor   Operator, Tunnels and Tubes  
Caltrans Electrician I Equipment Materiel Coordinator
Drawbridge Operator
Ferryboat Master     Caltrans Highway Maintenance Leadworker   Maintenance Worker, Tunnels and Tubes  
Caltrans Electrician II Highway Equipment Superintendent I
Dispatcher-Clerk, Caltrans
Ferryboat Mate     Caltrans Landscape Maintenance Leadworker   Supervisor, Tunnels and Tubes  
Caltrans Electrical Supervisor  Highway Equipment Superintendent II Foundation Driller Dispatcher-Clerk, Supervisor     Digital Composition Specialist I   Safety Specialist  
Senior Electrical Engineer, Caltrans (Specialist) Highway Equipment Superintendent III Foundation Driller Leadworker
Engineering Geologist     Digital Composition Specialist II   Senior Safety Specialist  
Senior Electrical Engineer, Caltrans (Supervisor) Photogrammetrist I Landscape Technician
Equipment Engineer     Digital Print Operator II   Structural Steel Painter  
Structural Steel Welder  Photogrammetrist II
Printing Trades Supervisor I
Equipment Materiel Manager I     Materials and Research Engineering Associate   Structural Steel Painter Apprentice  
Supervisor of Drafting Services Structural Design Technician I Transportation Engineer (Civil)-Written Hurdle
Equipment Materiel Manager II     Service Assistant (Maintenance), Caltrans   Structural Steel Painter Supervisor  
  Structural Design Technician II Transportation Engineer (Electrical)-Written Hurdle
Equipment Materiel Manager III     Senior Delineator      
  Structural Design Technician III   Senior Engineering Geologist     Senior Right of Way Agent      
  Senior Bridge Engineer   Senior Transportation Planner     Staff Services Analyst (General)-Transfer Exam      
  Senior Transportation Electrical Engineer (Specialist)   Senior Transportation Surveyor, Caltrans            
  Senior Transportation Electrical Engineer (Supervisor)   Supervising Engineering Geologist
  Transportation Surveyor Party Chief (Caltrans)