Employment Verification

Cal Employee Connect

Employees may obtain digital copies of their paystubs, W-2 information and more on the Cal Employee Connectwebsite.

  • Select Register
  • Follow the prompts
  • Note: You will need a recent paystub (2017 - present)to identify the following:
    • Agency Code
    • Earnings Statement Number
    • Total Deductions

Income and Employment Verification

Caltrans uses The Work Number when a companyneeds to verify an employee's income and employment.

Instructions on how to use the Work Number website.

Having Issues with Employment Verification?

If you are experiencing any difficulty with accessing the information through the Work Number's website, please contact us at the email address VOE@dot.ca.gov and in the subject line of the email, please provide us with the full name and employee ID number and we will gladly assist you.