Proposition 1B - Transportation Bond Program

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Proposition 1B

Prop 1B Closeout

Prop 1B Final Delivery Report

Executive Order S-02-07 (January 24, 2007) and Commission policy lay out requirements and expectations for the follow-up accountability of Proposition 1B funded work. The purpose of follow-up accountability is to demonstrate that the bond expenditures:

  • Were made according to the established front-end criteria and processes
  • Were consistent with all legal requirements
  • Achieved the intended outcomes

The Final Delivery Report is intended to meet the last bullet above, to demonstrate the bond expenditures achieved the intended outcomes.

Process and Procedures

It is the responsibility of each project sponsor or project manager to understand the requirements and procedures. Documentation and instructions are linked below. The close out process is implemented by completing a Final Delivery Report. Blank templates are at the bottom of this page. The project sponsor/manager will work with the respective P1B program coordinator to complete the process as described within the Procedures Guide.

Closeout Templates by Funding Program

IMPORTANT:  When opening links to Excel forms listed below, right-click on the form name, select "Open Link in new Internet Explorer mode tab", then choose “Open”. The document will open in Excel.

Select the template appropriate to the funding program for your project. Follow instructions in Procedures Guide above.

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