Reports and Resources

The following reports and resources have been produced to advance Caltrans' commitment to equity.

Caltrans conducted the 2022 Statewide Equity Listening Sessions in partnership with the California Transportation Commission (CTC), California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), and  ICF International, Inc. (ICF). The listening sessions were designed to hear from communities that have been historically marginalized in the planning, funding, and delivery of transportation infrastructure. The vision for these sessions was to allow people to share their personal stories about individual and community impacts created by the transportation system. As a result, ICF produced an actionable report, featuring findings and recommendations from the six listening sessions. This report will be used to guide Caltrans, CTC, and CalSTA in our efforts to further enhance organizational structures around equity, as well as build relationships that will inform how State transportation agencies can improve engagement with communities statewide.