Tribal Relations

In collaboration with other Caltrans districts, divisions, and Tribal Relations staff, NALB helps to support consultation and coordination between Caltrans and California’s tribal nations and Native American community members. As part of that process, NALB maintains Tribal Relations information to improve communication and successful project planning, including:

  • CA Native American Tribe information
  • Native American Tribal contacts
  • Caltrans Tribal Relations staff contacts
  • Tribal Lands Maps

Caltrans Tribal Staff Directory

With the help of the District Native American Liaisons (DNALs) and District Native American Coordinators (DNACs), spread across various Caltrans districts, the Native American Liaison Branch identifies potential problem areas early and facilitates resolutions whenever possible to avoid the escalation of issues that the Tribes in California have with the Department.


Statewide Tribal Contact List

Provided below is a directory of Federally Recognized Tribes in California with tribal and Caltrans District Native American Liaison contact information. Please note that the accuracy of the Tribal Contact list is not guaranteed. There are over 109 Federally recognized tribes in California, and we work closely with our District Native American Liaisons to maintain this directory. To update information on this tribal contact sheet, contact your District Native American Liaison.


Caltrans Native American Land Map

This GIS map displays datasets obtained from the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, among other sources. Please contact your District Native American Liaison or the HQ Native American Liaison Branch for more information.

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