File Transfer Protocol

Use this FTP site to provide documents to a Department of Transportation (DOT) representative or obtain documents from them.

If a DOT representative has placed a document on the FTP site for you, he or she will contact you to notify you and provide the necessary user name and password that you will need to access the site.

It is relatively easy, and sometimes essential to use FTP technology but in the past, users have expressed varying levels of difficulty using the site. If you experience problems, contact your representative or Angela Wheeler at (916) 227-9673.

User Instructions if you are using Internet Explorer

  1. To open the log on window, click the link below. At the prompt, enter the logon information provided for this purpose by your Caltrans contact.
    Open Log On Window

    The following dialog will open.
    This image shows the Log On dialog box that opens from the "Open Log On Window" link.
  2. After logging in, select "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer" from the Page menu item, as shown below. Note, depending on your version of IE, the location of this command may vary
    .This image shows the FTP site and its menu after a successful login.
  3. Another dialog box like the one shown below will appear (the User Name will already appear). Enter the case-sensitive Password (provided by the DOE) and click Log On.
    This image shows a logon dialog box.
  4. Locate the file within the folder name provided by your Caltrans contact, copy and paste it to your computer, and notify your contact that the file has been successfully transferred. Conversely, create a folder within the pub directory, place the file(s), and notify the representative.

User Instructions for any other web browser

  1. Install the file linked below on your computer in order to manage files (required once only).
    Click to install FileZilla (External Site)
  2. Once installed, create a shortcut on your computer. From this point forward, you will always use the shortcut to access the FTP site and manage files. When you activate FileZilla, you will see the following screen.
    This image shows a FileZilla activated logon dialogue box.
  3. Enter the following for the Host: and the User Name/Password provided to you by your Department of Transportation representative and click the Quickconnect button.
  4. If you are placing files, create a folder within the pub folder and place your files. If you are obtaining files, locate the folder name provided to you and simply copy the files to your computer. Notify your contact that you have obtained the document(s).