Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The following tables indicate small paddle charging stations open to the public for charging personal electric vehicles in the Sacramento and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Learn how to add a site to this list.

Access the Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center to locate electric charging sites.

Sacramento Area

Name Address # Chargers
Davis Amtrak Station 2nd & G Street, Davis 1
Arden Fair Mall 1689 Arden Way 2
Hyatt Regency 1209 L Street 26
Kaiser Permanente 1650 Response Road 1
Sacramento City College 3835 Freeport Blvd 1
Sacramento Public Garage 10th & L Street 1
Sacramento Public Garage 13th & I Street 2
City Hall Garage 10th & I Street 3
Sacramento International Airport Lot B Lindberg Drive 5
Saturn of Fulton Avenue 2540 Fulton Ave 2
SMUD CSG 6301 S Street 6
Sacramento Corp. Yard 24th Street 1
State Garage 1416 10th Street 1
State Garage - Lot 50 13th & P Streets 1
County Garage 7th & H Street 1

Los Angeles Area

Name Address # Chargers
Los Angeles International Airport 1 World Way, Lot 1, Los Angeles 10
South Coast AQMD 21865 E. Copley Dr., Diamond Bar 6