Stormwater Annual Report, Appendices, Attachments, and District Work Plans

Annual Report FY 2018-2019

Stormwater Annual Report FY 2018-2019 (PDF)


Appendix A: Management and Organization (PDF)

Appendix B: BMP Development and Implementation (PDF)

Appendix C: Project Planning and Design (PDF)

Appendix D: Construction (PDF)

Appendix E: Maintenance Program Activities and Facilities Operations (PDF)

Appendix F: Chemical Use (PDF)

Appendix G: Maintenance Facilities Inspections (PDF)

Appendix H: Slope Stabilization and Inspection Activities (PDF)

Appendix I: Drain Inlet Inspection and Cleaning (PDF)

Appendix J: Facility Pollution Prevention Plans (PDF)

Appendix K: Public Education Program (PDF)

Appendix L: Training (PDF)

Appendix M: Region Specific Activities (PDF)

Appendix N: Reporting (PDF)

Appendix O: Overall Program Effectiveness Evaluation (PDF)

Appendix P: Seasonal Runoff Volumes at ASBS Sites 18 inches or Greater (PDF)


Stormwater Monitoring and BMP Development Status Report (PDF)

A Summary of Construction Compliance Reviews (PDF)

2017 Fish Passage Annual Report (PDF)

State Water Resources Control Board Legal Certification (PDF)

A Summary of Maintenance Activity Storm Water Compliance Reviews (PDF)

A Summary of Maintenance Facility Storm Water Compliance Reviews (PDF)

San Francisco Bay Region Trash Reduction Annual Report (PDF)

Total Maximum Daily Load Status Review Report (PDF)

Treatment BMP Technology Report (PDF)

District Work Plans FY 2020-2021

District 1 (PDF)

District 2 (PDF)

District 3 (PDF)

District 4 (PDF)

District 5 (PDF)

District 6 (PDF)

District 7 (PDF)

District 8 (PDF)

District 9 (PDF)

District 10 (PDF)

District 11 (PDF)

District 12 (PDF)