Online Training

Links to online training on a variety of environmental topics can be found here. The modules may require that you have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player loaded on your computer. If you do not have time to listen to an entire training at one sitting, the program will allow you to stop and re-start the training at a later sitting as long as you do not delete "cookies" on your internet browser. Please check this page frequently as we will post additional training classes as they become available.

Caltrans employees: In order to receive credit for these courses, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in your name on the "Certificate of Completion" and submit the certificate to your Supervisor/Manager to demonstrate completion of the training (Note: certificate can be converted to a PDF for emailing).
  2. Sign-up for the applicable training in LMS to receive credit (see the LMS course codes below).

Caltrans Supervisors/Managers:

  1. Upon receipt of this certificate, please approve your employee's pending request in LMS.

Click on the links to view and hear interactive presentations on various topics.

General Environmental

Section 4(f), The "How Come" and the "How To" (LMS Course No. 101360)

The Importance of the Administrative Record (LMS Course No. 101173)

The NEPA/404 Memorandum of Understanding (LMS Course No. 101176)

The 23 USC 139 (Formerly Section 6002) Efficient Environmental Review Process (LMS Course No. 101588)

Noise Impact Analysis for the Generalist/Planner (LMS Course No. 101387)

General Project Development

Introductory Course on Purpose and Need (LMS Course No. 101174)

Environmental Engineering

FHWA's "What is Transportation Conformity?" (LMS Course No. 101172)

Coastal Program

Introduction to Delivering Projects in the Coastal Zone (LMS Course No. 101723)

Preparing a Complete Coastal Development Permit Application (LMS Course No. 101419)

Coastal Permits: CDPs and their Relationship to the NEPA and CEQA Process (LMS Course No. 102317)