Project Delivery Support

The Division of Environmental Analysis (DEA), Office of Biological Studies provides leadership, direction, guidance and technical expertise in biology by developing and establishing policy, standards and procedures necessary to make wise transportation and natural resource decisions. Our goals are to:

  • Resolve strategic project delivery issues with the rigor of science, sound engineering, effective policies, and strong partnerships;
  • Improve stakeholder options and understanding by advancing science and sharing Innovations;
  • Increase the breadth and depth of ecological expertise and leadership in the planning, permitting, implementation, and maintenance of transportation;
  • Improve stewardship through better planning, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of restoration, enhancement, avoidance, minimization, and mitigation; and,
  • Achieve conservation by integrating natural resources into all program and project decisions.

The Office of Biological Studies works collaboratively with a broad range of partners to develop policy and standards and quality assurance goals that guide district quality control programs. Products include Caltrans Standard Environmental Reference (SER), Quality Control Guidance for standard biological technical documents and reports, and report templates. The Office of Biological Studies continually pursues improved processes, decisions, and resolution of significant statewide issues through coordination within Caltrans and with resource agencies and the Federal Highway Administration. Staff provides subject matter expertise in a broad range of biological areas; including, Botany, Endangered Species, Fisheries, Mitigation, Wetlands, and Wildlife.