Technician and Laboratory Prequalification Program (TLPP)

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 23, Section 637 Subpart B requires all sampling and testing data used in the acceptance decision or in accordance with the Independent Assurance Program be performed by qualified sampling and testing laboratories and personnel. Currently, laboratory accreditations and some technician certifications are performed during the construction phase and are charged project direct.

The Technician and Laboratory Prequalification Program has been developed to provide laboratory accreditations and technician certifications prior to the award of construction contracts. It is intended to reduce costs, delays, and additional liquidated damage payments to Caltrans associated with accreditation/certification services performed during the construction phase and allows Caltrans to achieve the goal of developing additional project delivery efficiencies as specified in SB 1.


This program is managed through the Caltrans Headquarters Independent Assurance Program within the Division of Engineering Services (DES), Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS) and is intended for private and construction industry laboratories and technicians needing certifications to perform work on Caltrans projects.

Requests for laboratory accreditation and/or tester certification are addressed in the order in which a complete submittal has been received. The general process is identified below:

  1. Private entity submits a completed request form and all required attachments to the TLPP Coordinator at (see form below). Directions are provided on the request form.
  2. Cursory review of submitted package is performed for completeness
  3. Request is assigned to an Independent Assurance (IA) personnel
  4. Assigned IA will review submitted package for technical content and request additional information as needed
  5. Laboratory accreditation and/or technician certification is coordinated and performed
  6. Accreditation and/or certification information is input into the Statewide Independent Assurance Database

TLPP Documents