Job Mix Formula Prequalification Program (JMF-PP)

The Job Mix Formula Prequalification Program (JMF-PP) has been developed to provide paving contractors prequalified JMFs that have been verified by Caltrans using the standard specifications before the award of construction contracts. The JMF-PP provides prequalified JMFs for Type A hot mix asphalt (Type A HMA), rubberized hot mix asphalt gap graded (RHMA-G), and open graded friction course (OGFC) mix designs. The JMF-PP accepts new JMF submittals and renewal JMF submittals. It is intended to reduce costs, delays, and additional liquidated damage payments associated with JMF verification services performed during the construction phase and allows Caltrans to achieve the goal of developing additional project delivery efficiencies as specified in SB 1.

This program is managed by Division of Engineering Services (DES), Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS).

Program Requirements

Requests for JMF verifications are addressed in the order in which a complete submittal has been received. The general process is identified below:

  1. HMA supplier must submit the following documentation to
    • TL-3900
    • CEM-3511
    • CEM-3512
    • CEM-3513 (if the submittal is for a renewal)
    • Safety Data Sheets
  2. HMA supplier must enter HMA design test data in DIME at HMA design test data must be within 6 months. The following links provide additional guidance for DIME data entry.
  3. The HMA supplier will receive results of the submittal package review within 5 business days of the original request.
  4. If additional information is needed, the supplier has 5 days to submit complete documentation. If the information is not received within 5 days, the submittal is rejected.
  5. Once the submittal is approved, the assigned lab will coordinate collection of material samples. The JMF-PP requests a minimum of 5 business days from the date of requesting a hot drop event to occur to assure appropriate staffing for sample collection. Samples must be taken in accordance with the current version of California Test 125 and in the presence of a Caltrans representative. The HMA plant producing these samples must have a current certification under the Department's Material Plant Quality Program.
  6. Caltrans provides JMF verification test results within 20 days of QC test results.
    • If the JMF fails to pass verification, the supplier may adjust the JMF and submit the adjusted JMF on the CEM-3511.
    • If the JMF fails verification a second time, the supplier must submit a new mix design on the CEM-3512.
    • If the JMF is verified, it will be placed on the JMF Prequalification Program list and the supplier will receive an e-mail notification along with a completed CEM-3513.
    • You may use this JMF on Caltrans projects that specify the same mix design requirements.
    • JMF requirements are contract specific, final authorization to use a JMF is up to the Resident Engineer administering the contract.

Hamburg wheel track (CT 389) and Moisture susceptibility (AASHTO T 283) test results must be based on the hot drop material sampled for the JMF. Caltrans will begin verification testing after these test results are submitted at which point the 20-day turnaround will begin. If the submittal was for a renewal, a completed CEM-3514 must be submitted and pass all QC tests at which point the 20-day turnaround will begin.

If multiple JMFs are submitted simultaneously or an additional one is submitted before the review of a previously submitted JMF is complete, the supplier must designate the sequence that these JMFs are to be reviewed. Please allow an additional 20 days for the verification of each additional JMF. 

On a plant basis, a supplier will be suspended from participating in the JMF-PP for a minimum of 3 months if the supplier has two consecutive JMF failures.

We are always looking for ways to improve the JMF Prequalification Program and our processes. Please e-mail your questions, concerns, or comments to

JMF-PP Documents and Links