Erratum for the Electronic Updating of the CADD Users Manual

Erratum No. 18  - July 13, 2020

Chapter 2.5 Plan Sheet Preparation - Levels Involved:

Updated the entire chapter to include Caltrans Named Level information.

Erratum No. 17  - August 30, 2019


Revised the links pointing to consultant resources and the manual.

Chapter 3.6 Roadway Design:

Updated the entire chapter to cover Caltrans’ current Roadway Design Software (RDS) -Civil 3D.

Appendix A1 Cell English Libraries

Updated Appendix A1 to include Caltrans’ Named Level Cell Libraries.

Appendix A7 Design, Survey, Topo and R/W data features

Updated Appendix A7 to cover features used to present data using the Named Level convention.

For previous erratum documentation from October 25. 2007 until January 25. 2019 , download the printable PPM Examples Errata  (PDF).