Roadside Management Toolbox: Stamped Asphalt Concrete

Example photo of stampes asphalt concreteWorkers laying stamped concrete

What is This Treatment?

Stamped asphalt concrete is an economical and aesthetic alternative to standard black asphalt concrete, pavers, brick or patterned concrete. The process involves imprinting and coloring standard asphalt concrete. While the asphalt is warm and pliable, woven wire templates are placed on the asphalt surface and pressed into the asphalt using standard compaction equipment. The templates are then removed and the process is repeated over the entire asphalt surface. Color is topically applied as the finishing coat.

When to Use This Design Concept?

The best use of stamped asphalt concrete is in high visibility urban, suburban and transition areas where aesthetics are important including crosswalks, gore points, median strips and road edge treatments at ramp locations. Edge restraints and pavement reinforcement fabric should be incorporated for additional resistance to cracking and deformation.


  • A variety of colors and basic patterns are available
  • Most repairs can be accomplished by Maintenance depending on color and pattern.
  • Installation is quicker and less labor intensive than patterned concrete or pavers with a similar appearance.


  • Because it is a rigid material, AC paving should only be 2" thick within the area 8" from guard rail and sign posts.
  • Longevity of color to normal wear and tear and ultraviolet light exposure is currently unknown.
  • The structural section must be designed to withstand errant vehicles and regular Maintenance activities or deformation and cracking will occur.
  • Side slope use is limited to areas where asphalt concrete can be mechanically spread and compacted.
  • The asphalt may track or bleed through in hot climates.
  • Color is applied to the surface and not integral. Scars will show underlying color.
  • Difficult to match colors during repair.


  • 2010 Non-Standard Specification – Stamped Asphalt - Under Development


  • $40 – 55 / yd2 costs will vary depending on amount of handwork, access and traffic handling requirements. Pattern and color may affect price slightly.
  • BEES Item(s) - none