Gateway Monuments


A gateway monument is a freestanding structure or sign, non integral or non required highway feature, constructed within the State right-of-way, which communicates the name of the city, county, or incorporated town. Gateway monuments are planned, designed, funded, constructed and maintained by the public agency sponsoring the project.

Gateway Monument in Rocklin, CA

Photo of Gateway Monument in Rocklin, CA.

Photo of Gateway Monument in Yuba City, CA.

Photo of Gateway Monument in Yuba City, CA.

Photo of Gateway Monument in Orange County.

Photo of Gateway Monument in Orange County.


Gateway Monument policy is described in Chapter 29 of the Caltrans Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM).

Assembly Bill No. 866 permits local agencies to include United States and California Flags with a Gateway Monument. Refer to the following memorandum which explains how to integrate a flag with a Gateway Monument.

Update to the Gateway Monument and Community Identification guidelines regarding how to count the number of allowable features outside the State right-of-way.


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