Erosion Control Toolbox: Sidewalk Stormwater Planter


 Sidewalk stormwater planter

This is a photo of a Sidewalk Stormwater Planter


Most main street environments have limited right-of-way to accommodate cars, trucks, busses, bicycles and pedestrians. Adding stormwater treatment facilities can be challenging. One solution is to implement sidewalk stormwater planters to treat runoff from streets and sidewalks. Landscape Architects must work closely with their Project Development Team to identify opportunities to include sidewalk stormwater planters.

Sidewalk stormwater planters are typically offset from the curb to allow for exiting from parked cars. Street runoff is diverted through curb-cuts to the planters where it can be retained, filtered and infiltrated. The soil level in the planter is lower than the curb flow-line to allow runoff to enter the planter through a curb inlet.

Updated June 28, 2018