Stormwater Studies and Reports

Evaluation Stormwater Data Reports for Fiscal Years

Report provides Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) on over 50 Storm Water Data Reports selected statewide. Information from the IQA will be used to improve training and guidance.

Construction Site Water Pollution Control Cost Report

Engineer's estimate contractor's bid and final payment costs are analyzed for 101 recently completed projects. Recommendations for estimating water pollution control costs on future projects are provided.

Concrete Washout Selection and Estimating Guideline

Concrete washout practices were observed for 30 projects throughout the State. Methods for estimating the quantity and cost for different types of concrete washout facilities are provided.

Final Erosion Prediction Procedure for Caltrans RUSLE2

A process is presented for estimating surface erosion on slopes in conjunction with selecting soil stabilization and sediment control BMPs. Methods for collecting and documenting climate, soil, topography, vegetation, and BMP selection are given. The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) is used to estimate erosion for pre-construction, construction, and post construction phases.

Compost Reconnaissance Study

This study consists of a literature search and several technical memos intended as a "mythbusters" to remove institutional roadblocks preventing greater use of compost on Caltrans projects.

Soil Stabilization Cost Survey

To update estimating guidance for common soil stabilization BMPs, several erosion control contractors were invited to participate in a survey. This technical memo documents this survey and presents average installed costs for 12 commonly used applications ranging from tacked straw to erosion control netting.