Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Examples of Biofiltration Swales and Strips

BMP Examples are available upon request from the HQ Office of Hydraulics and Stormwater Design. 

The following examples are taken from roadway projects in several Districts and demonstrate different ways to indicate biofiltration swales on plans.

  • Drainage plans indicating bioswales in the legend and with call-outs.
    • Bioswale D1a
    • Bioswale D3a 
  • Drainage details describing the shape and grading of the bioswales.
    • Bioswale DD-0a
    • Bioswale DD-13a
  • Erosion control plans showing hydroseeding and planting.
    • Bioswale Example-1
  • Quantity summary sheet showing bioswale and biostrip locations for erosion control materials.
    • Q Sheet - Strip and Swale

Examples of Earthen Berm Austin Sand Filter

The following examples are taken from two different District roadway projects and demonstrate how to incorporate an Earthen Berm Sand Filter on plans.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2