Design-Build Program

The Design-Build Program is an innovative delivery method by Caltrans whereby a contract for both design and construction of a project is awarded to a single entity.

You will find various documents developed by the Department to implement Design-Build on this webpage. These documents are subject to modification.

Approved Projects

Project Title Description Status Cost (Millions) Award Method
Route 210 ADA(PDF) Construct/upgrade existing pedestrian facilities to meet ADA standards on Route 210 corridor In Procurement $6.6 Best Value
Fontana Maintenance Station

Construct a new maintenance facility in Fontana

In Procurement $15 Best Value

I-405 Improvement

 I-405 improvement project from I-5 to Harbor Boulevard including extend pavement life, improve safety, enhance traffic operation, and incorporate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).   RFQ Target Early 2022  $134 Best Value
I-10 Pavement Rehabilitation
Restore and extend the service life of existing pavement and construct a truck climbing lane in the eastbound direction.  RFQ Target April 6, 2021  $157  Best Value

Awarded Projects

Authorizing Legislation

Conflict of Interest Policy



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