Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) Program

The Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) Program is an innovative delivery method that allows Caltrans to engage a construction manager to provide input during the design process. Caltrans and the construction manager agree on a price for construction of the project, and the construction manager becomes the general contractor.

You will find various documents developed by Caltrans to implement CMGC on this webpage. These documents are subject to modification.

Caltrans CMGC Procedures (PDF)

Selected Projects

Project Description Cost (Millions) RFQ Target Date


LA-405-19.2/25.95 & varies

Active Traffic Management/ Integrated Corridor Management
 Implementation of Active Traffic Management (ATM) and Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) strategies to maximize the I-405 corridor wide system performance  $30 March 15, 2021 (Advertised)
Yub-70 PM 14.9/15.6
Rehabilitation SR 70.
Provide complete streets, pavement rehab, improve operations and safety, and comply to current standards.  $100 July 2021
Sol-80 PM 14.3/17.0
Westbound Cordelia Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility
Construct a new CCVEF facility with a new braided off-ramp and reconstruct existing on and off-ramps.  $155 August 2021

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Advertised Projects

Awarded Projects

Authorizing Legislation


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