Virtual Workshop Series for the 2022 TAMP Update

Kick-Off Webinar - April 12, 2021

Workshop #1 TAMP Fundamentals  April 22,  2021

This workshop will discuss federal and state requirements of the TAMP, results of Caltrans listening sessions with our local partners, mapping the NHS, and preparation for upcoming workshops.

Workshop #2 Financial Planning   May 24, 2021

This workshop will discuss options for determining a 10-year financial plan for the NHS through a review of available information including State Controller Office data.

Workshop #3 Risk Management   June 23 and 30, 2021

This will be a two-part workshop that includes review of risks identified in the 2018 TAMP, update to priority risks and potential for mitigation strategies and actions.  We will also discuss the federal rule related to evaluation of locations with repeat damage.  Finally, the workshop will conclude with how best to bring risk into the TAMP by considering it as part of performance analysis and investment strategies.

Workshop #4 Performance and Investment Scenarios   July 20, 2021

This workshop will discuss life cycle planning and the federally defined work types associated with preserving and improving NHS pavement and bridges.  This will link to strategies and performance scenarios to be developed and used for performance gap analysis documented in the TAMP.

Workshop #5 Process Improvements   August/September 2021

This workshop will provide a list of process improvements that have been initiated and completed since the last TAMP and priority improvements needed to be undertaken as part of the 2022 TAMP.  The second part of this workshop will focus on the TAMP document and next steps to producing the TAMP for public comment and submittal to both CTC and FHWA.

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